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Business Networking:

Ecademy.com -- Global Business Networking. A business exchange that connects people to knowledge, contacts, support and business. Network across town, across country, and across the globe, all at a time that is convenient to you.

LinkedIn.com -- Business and Social Networking. Find the people, jobs and services you need through the people you know and trust, while you strengthen and extend your existing network.

MeetUp.com -- Local Special Interest Networking Groups. A listing of local, live groups that "meet up" to discuss and network around specific interests. Not all of them are business-related. However, I discovered a local (free!) group for "entrepreneurs" that is a good fit. Even if you participate in a group based on a common hobby or non-business interest, you may meet good business networking contacts.

Ryze.com -- Business and Social Networking. A popular Internet community for business and social networking. Visit my Ryze page plus click on some of the other member's pages and some of the networks (discussion forums) to get a sense of what it's all about.

Business Resources & Tools:

Article & Ezine Automated Submission Software  -- Get instant exposure for your ezine newsletter and ezine articles with a few clicks of your mouse.

Automated Team Marketing System Helps You
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The Rest of the Story!

(Or why we use our own team splash page)

Have you seen the Ticket? . . . it's all over the
Internet already, but most people pass it by 
because they don't know what's behind it.

Please Be My Buddy!


Key2Net comes highly recommended. As of this writing, I am just beginning to use these leads.

Key2Net lead packages include a free trial for one month including 2,000 LEADS PER DAY!!

However, the most highly recommended package is the $65/month package, which which you get more leads than any one human could possibly use -- EXCEPT THAT you get 30 FRESH SURVEYED LEADS each and every day -- which comes out to about $2 A DAY for just the 30 Fresh Surveyed Leads ALONE.

NOTE:  There is a $35/month package that also includes 30 Surveyed Leads PER DAY, and those are the same Fresh Surveyed Leads that the $65/month customers received FIRST, and then the leads are re-distributed after a certain amount of time to the $35/mo. customers.

To use the thousands of additional leads you receive EACH DAY, you need an autoresponder that will alllow you to upload thousands of leads from an outside lead vendor.

However, even if all you do with the Key2Net leads is call and/or personally email (from a normal email account*) the 30 Fresh Surveyed Leads EVERY DAY, would it be worth $2 a day? Personally, I think so!

TIP:  If you wish, you could give the extra leads that you don't use yourself to your downline, or even sell them for a small amount to help fund your own monthly cost. For instance, one person I know will sell a day's worth of the 30 Fresh Surveyed Leads to her downline for $5 if she can't get to them by phone or email that day -- because, after all, there will be 30 MORE tomorrow! ...and the day after that!! ...and the day after that!!! ...and so on!!!!

Click Here... Then click the "Join" button at the top for either your 30-day, 2,000-leads-a-day free trial or one of the above-mentioned packages right away.

Contacting These Leads:

Read the information carefully after signing up. You will see that these leads are "single opt-in" which means that your initial emails to these leads CANNOT advertise your opportunity directly by name or including your actual company website, otherwise you will be defined as sending them spam email!

However, you ARE allowed to ask them to "opt-in" for additional information, and when they do, they are then considered to be "double opt-in" leads, which are NOT considered to be spam. Then you may email them directly about your opportunity and include your company website link(s).

In this case, having a separate Lead Capture Page website that DOES NOT MENTION your actual company name or give your actual company website link enables you to email market to these leads. You would first send a short, interest-provoking email through your autoresponder or your normal email account* that gives the link to your Lead Capture Page, where they can fill out the online form to receive more information. At that point, you can also begin emailing them directly about your opportunity and include your company website link(s).

Most autoresponders allow you to have more than one autoresponder series set up within your one account. You can have one series for the initial non-company-specific emails to the leads to entice them to opt-in a second time, and then add those leads which do so to your second series of emails, which they will then begin to receive in addition to you also attempting to contact them by phone.

* "Normal email account" means a non-autoresponder email account. I would highly suggest, however, that you set up a separate email account from your MAIN, everyday email account, so that it is protected from any spam complaints that may be made by the single-opt-in leads, even though such complaints would be UNFOUNDED.

If such a complaint gets made, it's likely that your email account would be shut down and it may be a difficult process to open it again, if at all. So, just use a different account -- there are many free email companies. Just stay away from Hotmail, because any email from Hotmail is heavily blocked by spam filters.

Set up a separate, free email account from which to send your INITIAL emails to these leads... then AFTER they opt-in for more information, you can add them to your main email account if you choose... 

OR,  you can even save your main, everyday account for those who actually become your business partners, and instead set up a SECOND free account from which to email your double-opt-in prospects -- again, just UNTIL they actually join you in your business, when you can then move them to your main, everyday email account.

The main idea I'm trying to explain here is to PROTECT your normal, everyday, MAIN email account from SPAM accusations -- because even when they are UNFOUNDED, your email account is likely to be shut down and it may take a lot of grief to get it re-opened, IF you can get it reoppened at all.

With spam complaints, it's much more like "you're GUILTY until proven innocent" rather than "innocent until proven guilty" -- and it's very difficult to prove that you are innocent.

So, it's very wise to set things up to protect yourself from the start.


Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, MLM  & Sales


Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?
Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?

Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, MLM  & Sales

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