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How To Use Business Cards, Ad Cards, Flyers, & More!

Be inspired by this long list of both traditional AND unusual ideas for generating leads for your business by making the most of your business card marketing....

Make a goal to give out a certain number of business or ad cards per day. 

Hand out your business card with all transactions each day. Always ask for a business card in return.

Put your business card or ad card or flyer in with your bill payments. Someone opening them may be interested!

Free lunch drawings. Put your card in fish bowls and try to make it face out.

Let your bank know what the deposit is for. Give the teller a catalog or your business or ad card.

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Place business or ad cards on driver's side windows near the handles on cars in
parking lots.

Use your card as a bookmark in the library books. Leave them in the books when you return them.

Magnetize your business card and leave them stuck around town.

Always keep cards and/or flyers with you to hand out.

Post flyers, magnetized ad cards, or post-it note ads:

- in apartments

- inside a bathroom stall door, it's a captive audience

- in the grocery store on the community boards

- other bulletin boards

Instead of tear flyers (flyers with little tabs at the bottom with your info for people to tear off and take with them), use your card at the bottom of the flyer.

Go to garage sales. Give them flyers or cards to pass out for you. Offer a gift incentive.

Have your ad printed on post-it notes at your local print shop, and stick them everywhere!

Leave catalogs, cards, or flyers:

- at auto repair shops

- at beauty salons

- in waiting rooms

- always leave a catalog in all hospital waiting rooms

Yard Signs.

Use bumper stickers with your company website or your Lead Capture Page link.

Use window decals on your car with your company website or your Lead Capture Page link.

Use vehicle card pockets on you car or mailbox.

Put a window cling on the storm door of your house with your company website or your Lead Capture Page link.

Join clubs or networking groups.

Barter/trade your product/service with others.

Offer your product to local businesses for their Corporate Gift Giving.

Tell former co-workers, business associates, and customers about your new business.

Join your local Chamber of Commerce.

Home Owner Association -- put an ad in their publications if possible.

Do cross-promotions with other businesses.

Run a contest on your website or locally.

Ads in college newspapers.

Advertise in your church's bulletin.

Go door to door -- introduce yourself and your business.

More Ideas:

- Here's a wild idea -- go to a large sporting event, and every time the crowd goes crazy cheering for the team, stand up and throw fistfuls of your ad cards out into the crowd, like confetti!

-  When a telemarketer calls you:  Turn it around on them. Invite them to your website. Ask them permission to send them an e-mail with more details.

-  When a door-to-door or business-to-business sales rep comes knocking:  Turn it around on them and give them a business card or ask for their card and get in touch.

-  When you are paying a bill at a restaurant:  Write on the back of the bill. Leave your number and/or e-mail address or better yet ask for theirs and get in touch.

-  When you receive excellent service or meet a great employee:  Compliment them on their attitude and ask them if it would be okay to get in touch with them at a later time regarding an upcoming income opportunity.

-  When you are at the barber/hairdresser's:  Need something to talk about? Bring up the extra income conversation.

-  When your friend complains about paying taxes,
-  When your friend tells you how much he had to pay at tax time:

Mention the ease and benefits of home-based business tax-savings. Leave him some home-based business tax information (especially if it's company specific).

-  When paying a bill by mail  - OR -  When sending any mail:

Include your business card and/or a cover letter inviting the individual to call you or look at your website.

-  When you receive junk mail with a postage paid envelope included:  Reply with your "not so junk mail"... send them a flyer or simply a card with a website address on it.

-  When sending an e-mail  - OR -  When posting at a forum/discussion group:

Use a curiousity arousing signature (and always include a website URL in your profile).
* only as appropriate and only where allowed *

-  When sitting in your living room having a drink with a friend just relaxing:  Pop in a company specific video or DVD.

-  When talking to an investor or about stocks:  Ask them if they understand the ROI potential of a network marketing business and leave them with Robert Kiyosaki's audio or a video, etc

-  When taking a cab:  Start talking to the cab driver about goals, plans, finances and other options. Leave him or get him a copy of a great prospecting audio (check if his cab has a cd player or a casssette deck).

30 Creative Ways to Use Business Cards

2002 By Linda Elizabeth Alexander

On the Back:

1. Print a team's sports schedule on the back. Fans will keep them handy and keep your name in front of them.

2. Print a special discount offer or coupon on the back. People will keep it because they intend to use the coupon.

3. If you do seminars, print key principals on the back. Your attendees will refer to them later and think of you.

4. Hand write on the back your "unlisted" 800 number. This adds value to your card, making people keep it longer because they don't want to lose the special number.

Ad Specialties:

5. Make the business card the ad specialty: Print your company information on letter openers, CD openers, magnets, pens, highlighters, keychains, mousepads, mugs, luggage tags, and other items that people will keep because they are useful.

6. Attach a business card to an ad specialty: For example, give business card holders as a thank you gift and place your business card in as the first one. Or, have your card designed as a Rolodex card

7. Give out seasonal gifts or specialties and attach your business card. Examples: candy canes at Christmas, heart shaped containers filled with candy for Valentine's Day, or even a sandwich bag of candy with a card stapled to it.

Unique Places to Put Them:

8. Tuck them into the product before delivery: If you are a florist, cut a hole in it and tie a ribbon around the flowers and through the business card. If you sell gift baskets, Tuck one inside the basket before delivering it to your customer. The same goes for Mary Kay or Avon Cosmetics - place your card in the bag. You've seen how some restaurants staple a menu to their bags for takeout; if you use bags, staple your card to the outside of the bag.

9. Send a business card in every piece of correspondence - letters, invoices, even your electric bill. Sooner or later, those cards will be used.

10. If you are crafty, incorporate them into your designs: embellish them with rubber stamps, or blend them with other art projects. You can also mount them to greeting cards you create and send to customers and prospects.

11. When mailing out information: Take a number 10 envelope, facing you and upside down. Fold the envelope in thirds. When you turn it around, there is a little pocket to tuck your card in. Include it in the mailing. Using a colored envelope makes the presentation even more dramatic.

12. Scan your card in and use it as a graphic for when you exchange links with other websites. The other site can use your graphic as the link.

13. Place them in library books as if you used them as bookmarks. Visit bookstores place them in books related to your business.

Keeping Them Handy:

14. Use them as bookmarks so you'll always have some readily available if you meet someone at school, in the library, on the bus, or at the park where you like to read.

15. Have your spouse, family, and friends carry some of your cards with them in case they meet someone who might be interested in your product or service.

16. Wear them! Use them as nametags at meetings and conferences instead of the "Hello, my name is ..." type of tags.

17. Keep a stack of cards everywhere you might need them - in your car, your jacket pocket, your briefcase, your purse or wallet, in your planner, at home, anywhere you can think of. Then you'll always have some on hand when you meet a prospect.

When to Use Them:

18. Give them out during your personal meetings when you meet someone new: at your church, your children's soccer games, at lunch with your friends when someone brings a guest. To be more polite, you could have a personal "calling card" printed up with your information to use in these situations.

19. If you do seminars, have your participants exchange cards with each other. Have them write a compliment about the person on the back before they hand them out. Everyone will have a wealth of contacts; they will remember each other and it will also give participants a boost of confidence.

20. Ask neighborhood businesses if you may display your cards near their registers.

21. Tack them to bulletin boards at supermarkets, restaurants, retail stores and the library - any place that has a bulletin board.

22. Give out two cards at a time - one for your prospect or client, and one for her/him to give away.

23. Place some on the table when you leave a restaurant.

24. Agree to mail the cards of other business people in the mailings you do, if they will do the same for you. Your networking circle will grow as your cards are passed around.

How Not to Use Business Cards:

25. Don't give them to a member of the opposite sex in the hopes that s/he will call you. I have a friend who was told this wouldn't work. He did an experiment for six months to prove it, and his friend was right! Sadly, not one woman called him. Although he does have a girlfriend now!

26. Some people don't give out business cards when they meet a prospective client. Instead, they send a follow-up note later with their card enclosed.

Other Types of Business Cards to Have:

27. Business card CD-ROM. If you haven't seen these yet, they are a mini-sized CD that plays in any CD player and has your contact information on it, as well as an introduction to your business.

28. Email Signature. Put your contact information into a signature file for email, along with a link to your website (be sure to include the "http" in order to make it "clickable.")

29. Vcard. These are electronic business cards that recipients can click on and automatically add to their address books. Do a web search for "vcard" to find software that supports this technology. Then use it in all your emails!

30. One consulting company, which works with designers of products for people with disabilities, prints their cards in Braille. It reminds their clients how they can help them comply with disability laws. It also gets people asking for information....

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Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?

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