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How To Avoid Your Own Network Marketing Failure?
by Kurt Henninger

It's an unfortunate reality that most are successful in MLM never talk about their own personal network marketing failure and how hard it was to get where they are right now.

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Kurt Henninger


Well, I wanted to share a bit about my own failures before I started taking control of my business, even before I made a single dime for myself at a home business.

You see, when I got started, I thought I understood how to build a business, with a background in corporate america.
For the most part, you are told to make a list of family and friends and to call them and tell them about your new business or wonderful products you come across.

However, this half attempts at selling to those you know will more than likely fail in is a quicker road to network marketing failure.

So, off I went on what I thought was a great idea, buying flyers (mucho friggin expensive at that, they were like $250 for that load of them) and handed them out at community expos I was attending on a regular basis. (Ohh yeah, did I mention the $200 I spent just to get a booth at ONE home expo)

Next came an advertisment in a local "targeted" magazine that I thought would be a slam dunk! I even could get my company replicated website on THEIR page and have it listed for a year!

I started dreaming of big year of ads in that magazine and one year being listed on their website.

The fact remains that more than over 95% of those who started business end up being a network marketing failure.

I'll admit times were pretty grim at that point, and I was doubting my decision to dive into a home business at all. I was wondering if I was ever going to make any money at all in this thing at all and going to be a permanent network marketing failure.

The real lesson here is to never stop trying in to find something that works for you and your own skill sets and personality. It could be online, offline, over the phone, it doesn't really matter, except what works best for you.

Using the Internet's and to leverage it provides however is one of the quickest ways to get leads for any home business.

To learn more about growing your business on the Internet and avoiding being a network marketing failure, click here now.

Internet Marketing Online

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Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?
Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?

Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, MLM  & Sales

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