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Recommended MLM
& Network Marketing
Lead Vendors
How To Supplement Your Own
MLM & Network Marketing Lead Generation Activities..

You can do this by purchasing some "opportunity seeker" leads, which are generated by companies which advertise for people who are interested in information about home-based businesses (generally MLM or network marketing or referral marketing types of businesses), gather their contact details, and sell the lists to MLM or current network marketing business owners who want to expand their businesses.

When you purchase leads from leads vendors, you will be contacting people who usually requested information from an internet ad about starting a home based business.

Working with leads can be easily duplicated, you're talking with people already looking for an opportunity, it can expand your circle of influence, you can build nationally and internationally, and you have less emotional attachment to people’s decisions.

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However, it takes longer to build relationships with new people. It takes time to learn how to prospect successfully. For opportunity leads, only 90-95% of MLM and network marketing  leads are good business prospects, and so you can feel discouraged, especially if making calls alone. Phone calling can get repetitive.

Leads cost money initially, although eventually you can get them free if you use a good source that pays you for referrals.

Working with purchased opportunity seeker leads (MLM or network marketing leads generated by a lead company, not yourself) requires the following:

-- Money to buy leads initially.

-- Persistence.

-- Willingness to learn “how to” effectively communicate.

-- Willingness to be able to sort through all the wrong people to find the right ones....

Lead Sources

I've chosen the lead company below because it has really decent prices and often has sales.
Better yet, compared to many other lead companies "out there," you can buy leads a batch at a time with no monthly commitment, and you can buy batches containing smaller amounts of leads for relatively smaller dollar amounts.
Additionally, it has an affiliate/referral program so that if you refer others, you can earn money or free leads.

Oppseekers offers a FREE affiliate program that pays up to 55% or you can receive free leads from new affiliates that you refer when they purchase leads.

Lead packages include phone interviewed leads, real time leads, 4 question survey leads, phone verified leads, and autoresponder leads that are under a cent each.

They also have awesome sales frequently.

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Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, MLM  & Sales


Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?
Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?

Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, MLM  & Sales

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