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PayPal provides a very easy and secure way to buy things or make payments online, as well as collect payments from others online.

It was the first such online service, and today it is the most widely known and trusted such service, in my humble opinion.

With a free personal PayPal account, you can:

-- set your account up to make payments online directly from your checking account,
-- and you can also set it up to make payments with your credit card(s),
-- and, if you also accept payments through PayPal for any of your own business enterprises (more info below), you can also use those funds to make other purchases/payments directly from your account (without transferring them out into your checking account first).
I'm not going to go into ALL the details here -- visit PayPal for more information.
I'm not going to go into ALL the details here -- visit PayPal for more information.

If you ever need a way to ACCEPT payments online, PayPal also offers a very convenient and inexpensive way to do so, compared to traditional "merchant accounts" through banks, where it's more difficult to get accepted and you must pay higher transaction fees.

With my Verified Member Business Account (which was free to apply for), each time I'm paid through PayPal, they deduct a very small percentage from the payment as their service fee (see PayPal for the exact details).

It's very much worth it to me, personally, because it's much less complicated than any other method (such as applying for a separate merchant account, which also costs more for the transaction fees).

ALSO, it's VERY EASY to transfer funds from my PayPal account into my personal checking account -- it's completely FREE to do so, and only takes a few business days for the transfer to be completed.

To assist with the process of accepting payments -- EVEN IF SOMEONE DOES NOT HAVE A PERSONAL PayPal ACCOUNT -- I can send them a "Request Money" email, or for more details, an "Invoice." Then they can just click a link inside the email and make their payment by checking account or their credit card. It's great!

There are just too many helpful features to detail here...

Again, see PayPal for ALL the exact details.

Verified Member / Business Account:

Credit Cards Accepted Through PayPal
(This will easily work even if you don't have an account of your own.)


Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, MLM  & Sales


Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?
Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?

Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, MLM  & Sales

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