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MLM & Network Marketing Prospecting and Lead Generation Tips

In MLM and network marketing, as in all business, people like to do business with other people they know and/or trust....

However, reaching out prospects using the Internet often makes it very difficult to create that feeling of connection that we can get from meeting face-to-face.

The ideas on this page are very helpful for making a more personal connection with those we reach out to online!

Use an Autoresponder (AR)

All of the prospecting and business building methods mentioned on this website or from any other source can be adapted for use with an AUTORESPONDER (AR). You can automate a lot of your online marketing activities by using an AR!

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Read this articles, How To Effectively Use An Autoresponder, to learn more about the many uses of autoresponders (ARs).

The article mentions Aweber and GetResponse as two good ARs -- I personally HAVE heard from MANY sources that Aweber is one of the best that is usually not blocked by spam filters, etc. (see more info below). (However, I personally have not heard that much about GetResponse, so I'm not sure if it's still worth recommending.)

There are many ARs available. But the main thing I have learned about them is
to be very careful to use one that has a good reputation with the ISPs and
email companies
 -- and, not being a technical geek, I'll try to explain this as
I understand it...

If an AR company is not strict with their customers about following the SPAM laws, all the email that their customers send out from their particular AR can actually get BLOCKED by the spam filters and by entire email program companies.

So you need to somehow be sure the AR you pick is NOT being blocked by ISP's and email companies -- otherwise, nobody will ever even receive your emails! Or, they might receive them, but your emails will land in their junk/bulk/spam folders, and they will very likely get deleted without ever being opened.

One last MAJOR tip that I can pass on to ensure your emails make it to their intended destinations is to use PLAIN TEXT rather than fancy HTML coded emails.

Even though it is tempting (IF you have HTML skills) to try to create colorful, eye-catching messages with pictures, etc., they are MORE likely to get blocked by spam filters than plain text emails.

In fact, several of the major internet marketer newsletter lists I am on do use the Aweber AR with plain text emails, and their emails ALWAYS land in my actual Inbox, rather than my bulk or spam mail folder -- for instance, the Rich Dreams newsletters.

Another AR strategy used by those who have the ability to also create web site / pages is to build the main message onto a web page, and have the AR email message be very short and only create enough interest to click a link to a web site page, which actually contains the entire message and which can be creatively formatted without creating the danger of your email message being blocked....

"The Money Is In The List"

AWeber proves it to thousands of businesses every day.

Learn how email marketing software
can get you more sales, too.

Online Newsletter or Ezine:

The most common way to start a newsletter is with an autoresponder (see above).

More Info:

Online Networking Profile Web Pages

Another idea is to have a page at an online networking community where you can introduce yourself, possibly include some pictures, or at least provide links to your other resources such as your online photo album(s), your business websites, and more. is the most commonly known, large, successful online networking community, but with the success of those, MANY new ones have popped up and more appear all the time! is also hugely popular, though it does not provide much space for a profile AT ALL -- only 140 characters and a link to your website.

Rather than contacting me for any help with setting up these pages, PLEASE use the resources available at each respective site to get any help you need. I'm just alerting you that these resources exist, and I am not a tech support department for ANY of them!   Thanks!

ALSO, there are many resources available for learning how to use these networks, including FREE resources. I suggest you to go and search for terms such as:

"how to" Twitter
"how to" FaceBook

Also search on for terms such as:

"how to" +Twitter +forum
"how to" +Facebook +forum

Start a Blog

You can start a business blog or a blog about something you might have in common with the people you want to attract into your business, or something you have specific knowledge about that others might be interested in (establish yourself as an expert).

The readers who are interested in the information you share in your blog may also be interested in your business as a customer or as a networking business partner.

You can use your company website link(s) or your Lead Capture Page link(s) in the posts you make to your Blog, and/or you can display it on the blog web page in the sidebar, etc. 

There are various ways to create blogs, some of them are free. Other require special software packages. 

The method I personally know about and use is a blogging site owned by Google, and it's free. It's relatively point and click, with many pre-designed templates from which to choose.

Learn More:

If you have basic to intermediate HTML coding skills, you can do some editing of the code (of the Blogger template of your choice) to include information and links in the sidebar -- but if you don't have that skill, you can just include your links in your blog posts, and that is totally good enough.

Click Here for more information about Blogs
You can also do a search on any search engine for "blog" "blogging" or "how to blog" and find more information than you could ever want to find!  :o)

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Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, MLM  & Sales


Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?
Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?

Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, MLM  & Sales

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