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How Real People Become Millionaires

It happens a lot.

A caller pleads:

   'I'm broke. I can't afford a distributor kit. I
   can't afford your opportunity. I want to become
   a millionaire. So how do I get started?'

The answer is simple:

   First, become a 'hundred-aire.' 
   Second, become a 'thousand-aire. 
   Third, THEN become a 'million-aire.'

You see, if the caller can't learn how to accumulate  $100 after years of working, how will the caller ever  have the discipline to accumulate even one thousand  dollars?

It's easier for most people to eat out at restaurants, play video games, smoke cigarettes, drink beer, buy  non-necessities that are on sale, buy a new car on  payments, etc. -- than it is to save $100.

Until that pattern is broken, even the best network marketing opportunity won't solve their problems.

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"Big Al" Shreiter


Don't Sell Features. Don't Sell Benefits

Instead, base your sales presentation on your prospect's most pressing problem. Then you'll have your prospect's attention.

For example, if you talk about the weekly bonus checks, that's a feature.

If you talk about the benefits of weekly checks (not waiting until the end of the month, getting your earnings quicker, instant gratification for work performed, etc.) - you're doing better, but it still won't rivet your prospect's attention.

Try talking about your prospect's most pressing problem. For example, you might say:

'Next Tuesday your mortgage payment is due. That could eat up most of your
paycheck. Wouldn't it be nice to get a check from our company that would
pay the mortgage payment for you? Then you'd have your entire paycheck to
do what you want.'

See the difference?

Your prospect is constantly thinking about his problems - not your benefits.

Where to Get a List of Entrepreneurs - Who Are Workers!

Entrepreneurs who start their own business, usually use  an 'assumed name' such as: AAA Plumbing, Ace Carpet  Cleaning, John's Handyman Service, or Top of the World  Roofing. To use an assumed name, most counties require  the entrepreneur to register the name for public  records.

Hmmm, sounds like a great prospecting list, doesn't it?

Here we have a list of entrepreneurs who actually act  on their dreams. Wow!

But don't act too fast. Breakfast Club expert, Craig  Tucker, recommends contacting the entrepreneurs one  year after their initial registration. Why? Because in  their first year, the entrepreneurs are excited and  focused on their new business.

But after one year, reality sets in. They see the  problems of payroll, licenses, permits, bookkeeping, etc. They still have an entrepreneurial dream, but they want a simpler solution.

Network marketing is the simpler solution. And now, the timing is better for your entrepreneur prospect.

Usually you can find this list at your local county  courthouse. If you can't find the list, visit your local  librarian. Librarians are a great resource for searching  for lists similar to this.

Monster Presentation Tip

Thirty years ago I went to my first opportunity meeting.

All I can remember from that meeting are two testimonials given by distributors.

The first testimonial was by a nun. The second testimonial was by a distributor who told how his father never believed he would be successful.

I don't remember the compensation plan, the product features, the corporate history, the slide presentation, or even the faces of the main speakers.

All I remember are the two testimonials.

The lesson is:

Don't get too worried about the details in your presentation. Your prospect is
only going to remember one or two things.

So why not give your prospect memories of a powerful product or opportunity testimonial?

The Trick Question That Develops Leaders

To create leaders, you must delegate responsibility. You must help your distributors learn to accept personal responsibility for their actions and for their results.


Too often your struggling distributor will push the blame off himself and on to . . . YOU!

It's your fault he isn't successful. It's your fault his last appointment cancelled. It's your fault he has worked so hard and earned so little.

>> Sound familiar?

So what are you going to do about it? How are you going to fix your distributor's problem?

The answer is: Don't!

Instead, delegate the responsibility of the problem to your distributor. This is one way he will learn to become a leader. If your distributor comes to you with a problem such as:

   'I just can't recruit,'


   'If you were an MLM leader, what would you

Now your distributor must come up with his own solution. This is an effective way to teach distributors to become self-sufficient leaders. And, this technique keeps your distributors from coming to you with every problem.

The "Eavesdrop Approach"

Do you have trouble getting prospects on an opportunity presentation teleconference call?

Are they afraid of being 'sold' by listening to the sales presentation?

Relax your prospects by offering to have them listen to a 'training call.' They can listen to one of your teleconference trainings without the fear of being 'sold.'

They will feel as though they are peeking in to  secretly check out your 'real opportunity'.

Instant Prospects and Web Traffic

Don't complain about not having prospects or web site traffic. There are opportunities everywhere.

I am in Yellowstone Park today with lots and lots of  tourists . . . and I have a digital camera. To create prospects  and drive traffic to my web site, all I would have to do is:

1. Offer to take the picture of a tourist and his family.

2. Tell them that I would be glad to e-mail the picture to them.

3. E-mail the picture to them with a short message and a  teaser signature file at the end of the message that would  compel them to check out my web site. The teaser message  could be as simple as: 'Do you remember what I look like?'

Instant prospects. Instant web traffic. Cost = zero.

This is sure a lot easier than approaching strangers on their  vacation and asking them if they want to earn some extra  money.

Want more prospecting ideas? I have posted them on our  web site for easy reading.

Go to and click on the "Free Training" tab. Make sure to share this link with your downline....

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Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?
Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?

Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, MLM  & Sales

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