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The Story Of Mangosteen Juice

Mangosteen juice is becoming a very popular dietary health supplement in the United States and around the world. It has become a popular healthful and medicinal drink. Mangosteen juice is a tropical fruit beverage made by liquefying the seeds, rind, and flesh of the Southeast Asian Mangosteen.

Mangosteens, Garcina mangostana, are native to countries such as Malaysia, the Phillippines, and Thailand. Mangosteen juice is a tropical fruit beverage made by liquefying the seeds, rind, and flesh of the Southeast Asian mangosteen. Mangosteen juice however has a built in credibility, it’s derived from a tropical fruit in Southeast Asia that has been used for hundreds of years. Mangosteen juice does not seem to have any negative properties, so it definitely won't hurt you to try it.


Some have said that a diet rich in a variety of fruits and vegetables can have the same health benefits as a daily glass of mangosteen juice at a much lower price. But those who use it would differ. A strange discovery in mangosteen juice that you wouldn’t expect in a supplement or health drink is that it contains next to no vitamins or minerals. Irregardless, the fruit and juice are consumed as a healthful and medicinal food and drink. How ever to ensure you’re receiving the maximum health benefit from the fruit you need to consume the entire thing. In Asia the health benefits of Mangosteen have been utilized for centuries. Studies have revealed that people who ingest Mangosteen juice on a regular basis generally enjoy holistic or all-round good health.


Xanthones are natural chemical substances that have recently won high praise from numerous scientists and researchers. Xanthones are anti-oxidants which have been researched for their ability to help improve the immune system. They have been studied for their medicinal potential, since they demonstrate a number of pharmaceutical properties. Xanthones protect the human body by fighting against free radicals and support the immune system in many ways with anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. And they are not found in the fruits and vegetables we regularly have access to.


Research is being done, but the results are preliminary, so we can' t say for certain which of the claims made about Mangosteen juice are true. Research, while it has only been conducted for a short period of time has discovered several benefits of Mangosteen juice. Research has discovered the Mangosteen juice is high in an antioxidant named xanthones. Research has indicated that the mangosteen can help ward off heart disease, Alzheimer’s and other diseases. Research shows xanthones possess potent antioxidant properties that may help maintain intestinal health, strengthen the immune system, neutralize free radicals, help support cartilage and joint function, and promote a healthy seasonal respiratory system. Researchers compared their scores on various tests, including muscle strength, joint range of motion and muscle pain.

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Perhaps the most troubling claim made by marketers of this expensive fruit juice is that it is an effective treatment for some forms of cancer. Proponents of mangosteen juice point to its high level of xanthones-- anti-oxidants that are said to have cancer-fighting properties. Although there is no actual evidence that mangosteen juice some say it is effective as a treatment for cancer, there have been studies done that show that mangosteen juice is incredibly rich in antioxidants. According to the American Cancer Society, mangosteen juice has been shown to inhibit cancer growth in lab rats, but the study was small and has not been tested on humans. And until all the testing is complete, I believe it is irresponsible for marketers to promote it as a hopeful treatment for Cancer and other ailments. A responsible marketer should say, “Some people claim
that it will…”

With all this said and done, mangosteen juice is here to stay. This juice is not only delicious but benefits your body due to potent xanthones. Mangosteen juice is becoming a popular healthful and medicinal drink. Mangosteen juice is something that all athletes from all sports should be using on a daily basis.

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