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Why Do Healthy People Drink Mangosteen?

Mangosteens are Packed with
Beneficial Xanthones, a New Class
of Powerful Phytonutrients

Mangosteen is full of powerful phytonutrients

Xanthones are found in the most quantities in the mangosteen hull (or pericarp) and can help you to STAY healthy by boosting your immune system.

According to professional journals such as Free Radical Research, Journal of Pharmacology, and the Indian Journal of Experimental Biology, these Xanthones...are some of the most powerful antioxidants to be found in nature.

While it’s true that most young people are healthy -- and thankfully so -- no matter how old you are, you're being exposed to free radicals by the millions each day.

"It has been estimated that each human
cell undergoes
ten thousand hits
from free radicals each day... causing
damage to cell proteins, DNA, fat lipids,
and membranes through oxidation. This
results in the generation of dysfunctional
molecules responsible for conditions
as diverse as cancers, lung disease,
demential, cardio vascular disease
and eye diseases."

~ The Wellness Options, Lillian Chan

It’s far easier to address serious health challenges BEFORE they begin -- with prevention -- than after they've already taken hold in your body.

If Mangosteen and its Xanthones are making this much visible difference in people's lives -- Personal Experiences (PE's) -- then how many more INVISIBLE differences may be going on?

Wouldn't it make logical sense for a healthy person -- of any age -- to begin drinking Mangosteen right away, in order to give the strong antioxidants within the fruit a chance to help PRESERVE their healthy well-being as much as possible?

"...the stage is enhance the likelihood of older persons not only to avoid disease and disability, but to truly age successfully."

~ Dr. John Rove

Mangosteen Can Be A Key!

Mangosteen Information

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--  The medical properties of the Mangosteen are
well-documented by empirical laboratory, scientific, medical, and experiential methods.

--  The Mangosteen fruit is not system-specific, but
pan-systemic - in other words, good for the WHOLE body.

--  Over 40 different Xanthones have been found in the Mangosteen, which are chemically beneficial molecules, each having specific leading properties.

--  These health promoting Xanthones help the body in so many ways - healthy foods help us
age more successfully.

--  These free radical scavenger/fighters stop pain, reduce swelling and inflammation, and help in the body's healing process.
--  The "strong" antioxidants strengthen cell walls.

--  They kill bacteria, viruses, and fungus.

--  They stop the attack in DNA and even have restorative properties.

--  They help the body run as a complete, interrelated and integrated system.

--  They help the mind think better, adapt better, and give a sense of well-being (anti-depressant).

--  They stop the damage of brain cells so they grow and divide properly and help the cell walls and the neuro transmitters function properly. 

--  They aid with Alzheimers, and all forms of memory loss.

--  They help in the battle against degenerative diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and all forms of brain malfunctions.

--  They help the VISION process:  cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and other forms of vision loss may be prevented.

Mangosteen Fruit

"By controlling free radicals, antioxidants can make the
difference between life and death, as well as influence
how fast and how well we age."

~ Lester Packer, Ph.D., The Antioxidant Miracle

"There are few plants on the planet that influence the
health and happiness of mankind in as many ways as
mangosteen. In the last few centuries, the fruit of the
mangosteen has been used for health. It has been talked
about by the fortunate people of many continents."

~ Dr. Kenneth J. Finsand

Dr. Finsand is a board certified chiropractic physician and holds licenses in three states. He has been clinic director for more than 25 clinics and is a graduate of the Palmer College of Chiropractic. He currently publishes tapes and books on the uses of the mangosteen fruit from a holistic perspective, including the book Mangosteen: Healing Secrets Revealed.


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