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TIME Magazine Article on INFLAMMATION

In the February 24th, 2004 issue of TIME Magazine, the feature article is all about INFLAMMATION!


They have discovered that
inflammation is critical to
many diseases, which they
did not
 know before.

The research has become saturated with data on inflammation and how critical it is to many diseases... things like sickle cell anemia ... MS, Lupus, and other autoimune diseases ... Parkinsons ... Alzheimers ... CANCER ... heart attacks ... DIABETES ... arthritis ... even such simple things as dental hygiene and the consequences of irritation in your mouth...

Xanthones in Mangosteen may Reduce Inflammation

The study done with Mangosteen and inflammation compared it to the strongest anti-inflammatory drug available (a drug used to treat Gout and which is so dangerous they can only prescribe it for SHORT-term use) and the Mangosteen was JUST AS POWERFUL WITHOUT NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES!!!

No wonder
we're seeing so many conditions respond to the Mangosteen.

"Inflammation is probably the background and driving force behind all major age-related diseases."
~ Claudio Franceschi
Scientific Director,
Italian National Research Center
on Aging (INRCA)


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