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# of Reports as of     # of Reports as of
February 11, 2005          May 11, 2016 - See how the numbers GROW through the years!

     1,105              3,275         1)  xanthones  (plural)

        306              1,090          2)  xanthone  (singular) 

          21                 336          3)  mangosteen

          35                 284          4)  Garcinia Mangostana

          30                 273          5)  mangostin

            4                   20           6)  garcinone
      ________                     ________
       1,501              5,278

NOTE: Mangosteen also contains valuable catechins and proanthocyanidins!

 # of Reports as of      # of Reports as of
November 15, 2009         May 11, 2016  - See how the numbers GROW through the years!

      1,314                  10,396           1)  catechins

      1,336                    3,076           2)  proanthocyanidins
      ______                     _______
      2,650                      13,472

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