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Free Radicals & Antioxidants - Get SUPER Protection with Xanthones

Mangosteen with Xanthones Gives SUPER Antioxidant Protection for a Stronger Immune System

Xanthones in Mangosteen - Powerful Antioxidants

Dr. Bruce Ames,
one of the
free radical
experts, estimates
that the DNA in
each one of the
trillions of cells in
your body receives
10,000 hits a day
by free radicals.
This is the type of
damage that leads
to mutations. No wonder cancer increasing!

Dr. Ralph Golan, M.D. states, "Determining what substances provide the most optimal antioxidant capabilities and making those nutrients available to the public must be first and foremost in our quest for health and disease prevention."

Free radicals are unstable atoms that are short the number of electrons they need to be stable. We might say that they are hungry for more electrons.

In order to satisfy this hunger, they raid the cells in your body and cause irreparable damage in the process.

Antioxidants Protect Against
Free Radicals

Where do free radicals come from?
They are in every breath you take, every glass of water you drink, and every bite of food you eat.

They abound in cigarette smoke, and other air, water, and food pollutants.

They are even created by our food preparation (by grilling fatty meat for example). 

They are produced by infection, inflammation and, believe it or not, exercise.

Well, it looks like we can't avoid them, so....

How Can We Protect Ourselves?

Antioxidants to the rescue! An antioxidant is an atom or molecule with extra electrons it can donate to inactivate or "mop up" free radicals.

The body's immune system produces homemade antioxidants and some vitamins such as E and C are also powerful antioxidants. However, there are other antioxidants that are even more potent than vitamins. These are found in various plants such as the Mangosteen.

Mangosteen Information

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Research on the Mangosteen Fruit has Uncovered a New Class of Antioxidants Called "Xanthones"
To date, the mangosteen is the NUMBER ONE SOURCE and apparently the ONLY source where many of these xanthones have been discovered.
Now Here is the Really BIG News:

Health Benefits of Mangosteen

The Mangosteen, while definitely containing the most powerful natural antioxidants yet discovered, contains a host of other benefits that in some ways are even more exciting.

Probably the one property found in the Mangosteen fruit that gives more immediate relief than any other property is its anti-inflammatory property.

Dr. Kenneth J. Finsand has this to say:

"This is probably the most famous use of all the qualities found in the mangosteen: it is by far the most powerful anti-inflammatory I have ever seen in 30 years of practice. Research has proven this to be true, along with folk medicine history."

Do you realize what this means? Inflammation plays a huge role in an incredible array of the ailments we suffer from:

- Arthritis

- Back Pain

- Heart Attack

- Headache

- Multiple Sclerosis 

- Circulatory Impairment

- Any Kind of Infections

Of course there are the other properties that are equally exciting:

- Anti-bacterial

- Anti-fungal

- Anti-viral

- Anti-depressant

And so many more!

What an Incredible Healing Package....

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