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Mangosteen Benefits - What Makes the Fruit
a Super Fruit

For everybody's knowledge, mangosteen is a tropical fruit that is commonly grown in hot and humid climates of Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Singapore. The color of the fruit is usually dark purple which grows to a diameter of about 2 to 3 inches. Its size is most likely that of a small peach or apple. However, mangosteens are not related to mangos.

Most fruits are typically opened by peeling but not mangosteen. The fruit is opened by simply pressing it firmly at the center or twisting the outside until it breaks apart. When opened, you will see a one inch thick hard rind with a center of a soft opaque white fruit. The center often resembles a head of garlic but tastes sweet and tart. With its delicious taste, mangosteen is popular to a lot of fruit lovers. Moreover, the fruit is more than just its delicious taste and mouth watering flavor. It has been known to contain various vitamins and minerals and is known to deliver a lot of health benefits. Its benefits have been known for as early as 18th century and since then, the name of the fruit has popularly spread all throughout, the world making it world famous and one of the most widely known fruits in the world.

Here are great mangosteen benefits that would make you take advantage of the fruit, not for anything else, but to ensure optimum health:

Primarily, mangosteen fruit is made up of active components known as xanthones. Xanthones are known to be a class of polyphenolic compounds that biologically active and with a similar structure with bioflavanoids. With a number of researches and studies, such compounds have been revealed with several health benefits like its anti-inflammatory properties, anti-convulsant, and anti-allergic abilities.

Other major significant components of mangosteen are the sterols, polysaccharides, catechins, proanthocyanidins. Compared to xanthones, these elements are less biologically active and nutritionally important. But then, most of them act as anti-oxidants and still play a vital role in the long array of medicinal mangosteen benefits.

Moreover, there are a number of stronger antioxidants that are found in the fruit. These compounds greatly help in preventing or at least reducing the reactions and oxidations that are basically promoted by oxygen and peroxides. With less antioxidants present in our body, the oxidation process succeeds which produces free radicals leading to a chain reaction that causes cell damage. Such reaction often leads to a number of diseases and the most feared premature aging. By effectively removing the free radicals found in our body, antioxidants present in mangosteen help prevent these said reactions. With low levels of antioxidants, the body experiences oxidative stress that is usually associated with a lot of diseases. In recent studies, it has been revealed that antioxidants have even further use in the form of treatments for neurodegenerative diseases and strokes.

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The mangosteen fruit is also perfect for figure conscious people. Studies have shown that eating mangosteen also helps in weight loss and has been known as an obesity buster in many countries.

Significantly, it is vital for us to know which part of the mangosteen possesses the most number of health benefits. If you are aiming for the sweet tart taste of the fruit which comes from the soft opaque white fruit located at the center, then you are only getting less nutrients than what the whole fruit can provide you. Most of the nutrients and health benefits of the fruit are taken from the exocarp or rind of the mangosteen. The rind of the fruit serves as a strong astringent which contains certain chemicals like tannins that keep insects away from it. It is also the rind that is extracted into juice. But since the process may sometimes lead to an unpleasant taste, mangosteen juice is often blended with other fruits that are also great antioxidants, which greatly improve health properties of the mangosteen juice-based concoction.

To effectively enjoy complete mangosteen benefits, it is wise to purchase products that include the processed whole mangosteen fruit. Although less edible, the dark colored exocarp of the fruit is considered the most important and highly nutritious part. It can be said then that coming up with a great mangosteen beverage takes great effort and ingenuity, as you make use of its great unsurpassed health properties.

There are many more benefits that the mangosteen fruit can give. All you have to do is sort out the reliable information from those that solely take advantage of the hype. Here is a legitimate site that would tell you the right information about mangosteen benefits. You can even start a mangosteen business of your own and be able to help people earn and even extend humanitarian help [] to many charities overseas. Article Source:

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