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Which Brand of Mangosteen to Buy?

Insist on Purchasing ONLY the Highest Quality Whole Fruit Mangosteen Juice

How to open Mangosteen fruit - #1

Look for a product that contains a high-quality, WHOLE FRUIT mangosteen blend. The MAJORITY of healing properties are in the PERICARP (the rind or peeling) of the fruit, so if you are only getting the fruit juice (and not the entire fruit pulp) then it won't do you much good.

How to open Mangosteen fruit - #2

It's also best to get a mangosteen product that comes as close to the original whole fruit form as possible... the less processing the better.

How to open Mangosteen fruit - #3

For instance, extracts, powders, pills, etc. simply may not be as good as juice made from the whole mangosteen fruit because all the phytonutrients within the whole mangosteen, including the pericarp, work synergistally in ways that science has barely even begun to analyze, even though a massive volume of scientific research HAS already been done.

When Choosing to Buy Mangosteen Juice, Carefully Consider the Following Questions

--  Does the product consist of the whole-fruit puree of the Mangosteen? This distinction is important. The greatest concentration of beneficial xanthones is found in the pericarp (the thick outer peel of the fruit) - not just the pulp - of this extraordinary fruit.
--  Each time you drink properly manufactured whole fruit mangosteen juice, you get over 40 xanthones, each bringing unique benefits to your body. The product you choose should deliver all these xanthones, in order to maximize their potential effect.
--  Does each bottle of juice go through a process which standardizes and maximizes  xanthone content? You don't want to play hit-and-miss with your health.
--  Is the product the one and only focus of the company selling it - their primary product - or is it only one of many products also being offered, just a bandwagon add-on?

Mangosteen Information

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How many doctors and scientists does a company have involved in researching the mangosteen?

Does the product include the pulp, seeds, and pericarp of the mangosteen?
--  Is ONLY organic mangosteen used?

In fact, is mangosteen even the primary ingredient in the product?

Is the product standardized in any way, or does the xanthone content vary
from bottle to bottle?

--  How many years of research went into the product?

Is the xanthone content of the product known?

How many separate, distinct xanthones are found in the product?

Has a particular company/manufacturer done any xanthone research at all?

Where was the product formulated and produced?

What is the source of a company's mangosteen? Where does it come from?

What manufacturing standards, if any, are adhered to in the processing of
the product?

Are the company's manufacturing facilities ISO9001-certified?

What is the story behind their product? Why does it exist?

Is the mangosteen juice you are considering for purchase Flash Pasteurized? *

* Flash Pasteurization

Mangosteen Fruit

Flash Pasteurization is a process used by only the VERY best manufacturers to process mangosteen juice.

The juice is rapidly heated for a short period of time to a
temperature high enough to eliminate harmful bacteria, like
E. coli 0157:H7, then quickly cooled to retain fresh flavors
and nutrients.

By precisely controlling time and temperature, Flash Pasteurized
juices are as close to nature as is safely possible. Whole fruit
Flash Pasteurized mangosteen juice supplement has a shelf life
of 2 years.

Standard pasteurization
, used by most other juice producers, requires higher temperatures for longer periods of time. This process allows products to sit on store shelves for months at room temperature without going bad.

While standard pasteurization eliminates bacteria, it can also deteriorate the fresh flavor and nutritional integrity of the juice, but these elements are preserved in the Flash Pasteurization process....

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