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Mangosteen Drink

To Chiropractors & Health Professionals Who Have Prescribed Vioxx, Celebrex, or Bextra

Found Abundantly in the Mangosteen,

Proven* to Provide Xanthones are

NATURAL RELIEF via Direct Inhibition

of the COX II Enzymes

Mangosteen Fruit, Pulp, and Pericarp

In general 
(especially in 
medicine), most 
conditions are a 
result of one or 
two types of 
injuries -- either 
a traumatic 
condition or a
repetitive condition
such as carpal tunnel...

But all musculo-skeletal conditions have one thing in common -- inflammation

The inflammatory process comes at a time when tissues are going through the natural process of disrepair. Cells have been damaged, and the end result of that damage is the production of hormone-like molecules called prostaglandins, which cause pain and inflammation

The intermediate of this process is an enzyme called Cox II. The Cox II enzyme is what actually starts the inflammation, swelling and pain.

Good News... We now have XANTHONES!

In Chiropractic, the
Course of Action is the Restoration
of Joint and Nerve Stability by the
Use of Manipulation

While the reduction of interim and chronic pain and inflammation can contribute to successful treatment, this must be accomplished without harm or stress to the
liver or other body systems

Xanthones are naturally occurring biochemically active agents found in high concentration in the mangosteen fruit.

These Xanthones have been INDEPENDENTLY researched for decades with direct* evidence of their profound and diverse health giving properties.

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Mangosteen Information

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*Over 40 Xanthones have been identified in the fruit and pericarp of the mangosteen! See the Abstracts

"The scientific name is Garcinia Mangostana, and it has been under scrutiny since the early 1970s, primarily for the phytochemicals in it, which are known as xanthones. Xanthones are biologically active substances, and more than 30 are found in the mangosteen, including the pericarp. Xanthones are the healing agents of this incredible fruit.

~ Dr. Kenneth J. Finsand

Dr. Finsand is a board certified chiropractic physician and is a graduate of the Palmer College of Chiropractic, holding licenses in three states.

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