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Fibromyalgia and Mangosteens Potential Symptom Relief

Xanthones (form of antioxidant) which are found in high quantities in the mangosteen fruit have been found to offer numerous benefits.

One of the most recent discoveries is they're been linked to helping with Fibromyalgia.

What exactly have they been found to do for Fibromyalgia patients? Xanthones have been found to act as pain relievers.

It's no secret that the mangosteen fruit offers numerous medical benefits, while they are medicinal in nature, the people of Southeast Asia have been consuming the fruit for hundreds of years and reaping the herbal benefits of the fruit.

There's little doubt that as time progresses we'll discover more and more healthy benefits this fruit has to offer.

What is Fibromyalgia?

Just a brief overview of what is Fibromyalgia. A very frustrating and debilitating disease that is characterized (but not limited to) joint, muscle, and bone pain combined with fatigue.

Of course those can be th symptoms of other similar chronic syndromes such as lupus or chronic fatigue syndrome.

This makes it very difficult for doctors to diagnose properly and in a timely fashion.

The main symptom of Fibromyalgia is that of widespread pain through out the body.

The pain is often accompanied by increased sensitivity in the skin, along with aches and pain in muscle tissue and a weakness in limbs.

Other symptoms that are often associated with Fibromyalgia include chronic paresthesia, physical fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, genitourinary symptoms such as those associated with chronic interstitial cystitis, as well as dermatological disorders, headaches, myoclonic twitches, and symptomatic hypoglycemia.

While there isn't an actual cure for the disease the best treatment is to seek out options to help relieve suffering from symptoms.

This is where the relations of mangosteen and Fibromyalgia comes into play.

Fibromyalgia and Mangosteens

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There aren't any scientific claims that there is a hardened fast relationship between Fibromyalgia and mangosteens, those suffering from the disease who have tried mangosteen to help with pain relief seem to have nothing but positive results to speak of.

The mystery disease that is Fibromyalgia is constantly leaving doctors guessing, so patients often get fed up with "Western medicine" and opt to see out other options to help relieve pain and symptoms.

Quite often prescribed meds from doctors just don't do the job.

Many who suffer have noted that incorporating Mangosteen into their daily regime helps with relief from Fibromyalgia symptoms.

More then just relief from symptoms those consuming mangosteen also reported feeling better over all, which is likely contributed to the massive effect that Xanthones can have on our body.

As each case is different your relationship of Fibromyalgia and mangosteens may not be the same as the next, but even without huge relief from symptoms this fruit is sure to have a positive effect on your overall health.

To learn more about Fibromyalgia and Mangosteen [] and the health benefits of this fruit visit our website at Mangosteen Juice []. Article Source:

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