The Secret Of Abundance - How To Manifest An Amazing Life

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The Secret Of Abundance - How To
Manifest An Amazing Life

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by Mickie Lake

People the world over are in search of the secret of changing their lives. They want to find that magic missing secret. They think if they have it, it will provide them will all their wants and needs. They may spend all their time and money in search of the secret. The good news is you will now have the secret, right here, right now! You do not need to search further. You had a consuming desire for it and now the universe is providing it to you.

First, you need to know that an abundant life does not mean you have all the money in the world. To live an abundant life you need three things and they are health, money and relationships. Some people may disagree and then tell you the secret to an abundant life is having money. This is simply not true.

Think about it like this, if you had millions of dollars, more money then you could ever spend but your health was so poor that you only had days to live or your health was so poor that all you could do was lay in your bed and stare at the ceiling, what good is the money? Likewise, if you are healthy but alone and have no one to share your life with, what good is it to be healthy? You need to have all three components fulfilled to live an abundant life.

You need the secret that unlocks abundance so that you are healthy, you have meaningful relationships and you have the money you require. The real secret of abundance is your thoughts and emotions. It is that simple, since it is your thoughts and emotions that create your life. They have the power to influence what you want in life as well as keep you held in your current live.

Some people may shake their heads in disagreement, while telling you this is not true. If it were your thoughts and emotions that determine the secret of abundance, then everyone would be living a life of abundance. This is correct. However, if everyone has such power to create an abundant life, then why is it not happening for everyone, everywhere?

The list of reasons can be very long. However, they all center on one fundamental issue. Most people would rather live as they are and complain about it all rather than trying to live an abundant life. For instance, Donald Trump never felt sorry for himself. Bill Gates never doubted he would be a millionaire. They both knew what they wanted; they never doubted their power to make it so. Their minds were set upon creating an abundant life. They knew they would live an abundant life and they became the masters of their own life.

The fact that the secret is simple shouldn't be a reason for you to not believe it. Look around, each and every thing you see started off as a thought a thought that someone had that they manifested into reality. The space shuttle, the pen you write with, the car you drive, the seat belt in that car, the window in your home, the toy that you child is playing with they all started off as a thought.

What this means is you can start right now to create the life you desire. You need to determine what you want. Be specific, you can even write it down. When you determine what you want, look around and then be thankful for what you have now. It may not be perfect; it may not even be exactly what you want right now. However, if you do not appreciate what you already have, you can never have better.

Determine what you really want and then permit that thought to overcome you as it burns deeply in your heart, soul and mind. Become excited about it becoming a reality and then allow your emotions to empower that thought. Send an overwhelming message into the universe. You have to believe in what you want and that it is coming to you. While this is happening, you have to learn and do what you need to do to make it become a reality.

Hidden inside your mind, thoughts and emotions, is the secret of abundance, when you change the way you think and feel you can create abundance!

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