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Quantum Selling

Quantum Selling is so powerful and effective, I was
afraid to share it with anyone for almost 8 years.
- Tom Pauley

If you've got 15 minutes you can own the power to:

Sell without selling.

Market without marketing.

Prospect without leaving home.

Improve your relationship with kids, employers, clients... everyone you
        know and everyone you don't know.

Dramatically increase your close ratio.

Resolve conflicts without confrontation.

Reach prospects when they're ready to buy.

Override the caustic effects of office politics.

Reach unreachable prospects easily, effectively.

Get the best job for you.

Pre-sell prospects before you ever meet.


Tom & Penelope Pauley - great father-daughter team

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Morning Exercises

Now, I’m a good salesman and I’m Irish.  So, I expect a certain level of success.

But this was way beyond all expectations.  We were the little guys going against the monster corporations.

And we were selling our product for as much as four times their unit price.

Yet, all that money continued to flow in, effortlessly.  The skeptic inside me finally asked the big question.

“Are those simple morning exercises really causing all this amazing success?!

Our sales were going through the roof.  We worked fewer hours.  And made a whole lot more money.

Cold contacts took our calls again and again as if by accident.  And everybody we talked to seemed pre-sold.  Even though they’d never heard of us before.

And I still have trouble believing this one…new prospects actually called us to buy!

Oh yes, we used Quantum Selling for collections.  Over three and one-half years we collected 100.07% of sales.   Yes, we actually collected more revenue than advertising sold!  An amazing story we talk about in the book.

I never sold anything so easily in my life.  And it was high dollar sales.  Our lowest priced package was $28,500.  Our highest package was well over $100,000.

They went faster than free hot cakes at a boy scout rally.

And when we sold our inventory completely out we used Quantum Selling to attract more visitors.

Then, there was the experience with my old partner.

Brilliant code writer, but a real pain in the back side to deal with.  He was constantly trying to cut my commissions or put me under his thumb.  It was always his way or the highway.

So, we tested this new technique on him.

Bingo!  He completely reversed his attitude within one week!  At a big show down meeting to slash commissions…he totally capitulated.

I’ve never seen anything work so powerfully.  So effectively.

So, we did the only thing a sensible salesman could do.  We went into the Portal every single morning.  We pumped the sales for all they were worth.

And we never told another soul how we were doing it for 8 years.


Dear Tom & Penelope,

Quantum Selling has to be one of the most revolutionary products I’ve ever used in 30 years of purchasing and using ‘sales’ products. It’s really cutting edge stuff. Based on Quantum Physics this course will show you how to connect with your prospects on an energetic level before you even pick up the phone! I keep statistics on my calls, too. I have a 70-90% contact rate when I am ‘tuned in’ on an energetic level. This is not airy fairy stuff, it’s the real deal.

Better yet, I now seem to magically “run into” the correct person to help me close a sale or that person introduces me to the person I’m supposed to talk to. I’ve also gotten some really strong intuitive ‘hunches’ while working out in the field and they’ve lead me in the right direction to sales I made.

Additionally, prospects DO call me back and I DO work substantially less hours to make a living than I used to.

This product is phenomenal and worth the price.


Virginia Lukei
Vista, CA -- Energy Efficient Lighting Sales


Read what others have to say about
quantum powers they’ve discovered.

Joe VitaleDr. Joe Vitale, featured in the movie "The Secret" and author of more books than we can easily mention said:

“This is the kind of course that changes lives. I'm sure not everyone will get it. I'm sure some people will read the material and feel threatened by it. Or even mystified by it.

But those who are ready will devour this course, live it, breathe it, use it and profit from it. I've never seen a course on selling like this. This is beyond selling. This is tapping into the universe and getting IT to do your selling FOR you.

Think of what this means: No more cold calling, fighting, struggling, manipulating, persuading, begging, closing, or anything else that traditional selling asks you to do.

It is what I call a master work of pure genius.”


"I use it everyday..."

-Brad Yates, C.H.t.
EFT Practicioner

"I have moved forward in really promoting my own business... I'm connecting to people who have been asking for what I have to offer."

"By the second week I realized I had grown so much..."

-Fawn Christianson


"Quantum Selling is for me coming to peace..."

-Randy Hendricks

Gary Shortall whose Impersonator Booking Agency went from the bottom to the top in three months said:

“I love this course. I've read it three times and I do the exercises every morning. Before Quantum Selling my booking business…and Laura's [wife] bridal veil business were both sort of on the bottom of the pile. I think we were 147 on Google. Not much business down there.

And I can't really explain how it happened. But without me doing anything other than those [Quantum Selling] exercises we moved to number one on Google and Yahoo in several categories and we're still there. Our business is booming.

Thank you, Tom & Penelope. Thank you . Thank you. Thank you.”

"I literally have a room full of books and about 250 gigabytes worth of e-books that I've been reading over the past couple of years but I've never come across anyone who put it together in the fashion thatit was put together in Mastering the Portal.."

-Brian Norman

Eric Owens, Vice President of Operations with Nitro Marketing, one of the leading internet marketing companies said:

“Quantum Selling is very, very cool. I have shelves full of books on selling,…Quantum Selling is a different approach than I've ever seen. It's quite unique. I used it to locate a couple of key joint venture partners. I recommend it to anyone who is open to a new sales approach.”

Hear Maverick Marketer Craig Perrine talk about his incredible experience with Quantum Selling:

(audio available after you opt in for more info)

Bob Doyle, featured in the movie "The Secret" and President of Wealth Beyond Reason said:

“The concepts you discuss are of course familiar to me. Hell, I teach them every day. But you brought new levels of distinctions to me, and provided an incredibly powerful tool through your ‘portal' exercises.

I feel blessed to have read it. I was totally surprised, delighted, moved, and inspired. And I will do whatever necessary to communicate this to my sphere of influence.

Congratulations, and thanks for sharing yourself so authentically.”


Tom & Penelope Pauley - great father-daughter team

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WARNING! There AreTWO Sides of Selling

Did you know that most trainers are only teaching you one side of selling.

They teach you the physical or mundane side of selling.

Prospecting, cold calling, setting appointments, dressing for success, meeting and greeting, networking, gaining and maintaining control, establishing credibility, presenting compelling presentations, overcoming objections and, of course, closing, closing, closing.

And granted a salesman needs to know these things.


What they don’t teach you is the non-physical or quantum side of selling.

The side of selling that quantum experts tell us is, at least, one trillion times more powerful than any mundane action.

(It’s genius math and I have absolutely no idea how they get that number, but they do.)

Quantum Selling is at least one trillion times more impacting than anything we do physically.

Now, to be honest most sales trainers do touch on non-physical or quantum selling when they talk about your attitude.

We all know a prospect can feel our desperation and insencerity.

In fact, it’s common knowledge that someone will only buy from a friend.

And that the prospect decides whether he will buy from you in the first 3 to 7 minutes of your conversation.

Three minutes. Not a whole lot of time to make friends, now is it?

What if you’re friends before you ever meet? What if every prospect is not only your friend, but pre-sold before you shake hands? What if they trusted you immeadiately?

And what if all these pre-sold friendly buyers started calling because they wanted what
you sold?

Now, that’d make your job a whole easier wouldn’t it?

That’s exactly what you can do with Quantum Selling.

After we discovered these amazing secrets we only worked 2 hours a day. And made more money faster and easier than I’d ever thought possible.

Not only did we know exactly when to call so our prospects would take the call; they were pre-sold when they answered.

And get this…hard to reach prospects out of the clear blue called us to buy.

Unbelievable, but true.

It was like shooting fish in a barrell.

The Business of Selling Has Changed
Are You Ready For It?


Dear Tom & Penelope,

What I have received from the Quantum Selling Course is a viable foundation on which my life’s passion is finally being brought into “my business.” WOW!

Can I even begin to describe how free, light and empowered I’m feeling? I feel like a new born that’s fresh within herself.

Quantum Selling is clear, simple and the effectiveness that comes from connecting through the portal truly humbles me.

Thank you both for your honest devotion in helping us value building our foundation first. That past approach of only looking for the high powered instant huge sales has dissolved. I’m laughing as I write this because it tickles me to remember how I used to get in my own way with that kind of thinking. NOW, I live in this place of knowing what is coming because I have become that success from within.

Thank You Thank You Thank You

Fawn Christianson 


Seven reasons why this simple
process works so effectively:

Because Quantum Selling is born from the same science that is currently flooding the world with change...

Because Quantum Selling is not confined by time and space...

Because Quantum Selling taps into a higher state of consciousness...

Because Quantum Selling eclipses old-world selling practices...

Because Quantum Selling enhances all your sales efforts...

Because Quantum Selling reaches to the heart of all human connectiveness...

Because Quantum Selling relies on the most basic of all human needs...


Tom & Penelope Pauley - great father-daughter team

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You can listen to the audio here, below, but when you subscribe for more info they will send you the link to download it to your own computer so you can upload it to your iPod or MP3 player for offline listening:.

Is It Immoral To Make
Sales This Easily?

For the Salesperson who wants success beyond their wildest dreams... Startling information that opens an amazing insider’s road to wealth
in these seemingly impossible times.

You don’t need a special education or an exaggerated level of intelligence to make Quantum Selling work for you.

You don’t need excessive experience or any particular talent.

Thousands of people just like you are already successfully using Quantum Selling tools to elevate their lives and their businesses.

We give you simple protocols to follow. Do them once a day and record what happens in your log. You will amaze yourself and your friends.

Imagine watching your sales increase dramatically, overnight. Without spending a fortune on advertising.

Imagine your website reaching the first page of Google without buying expensive SEO programming.

Imagine increasing your sales…and income!…by as much as 300…400…even 500 percent for MORE!

Quantum Selling members have done exactly that. We have done exactly that.

Your only real question may be the one we received from a Quantum Selling member in Beijing, China…

“Is it immoral to make sales this easily?”

Well, every culture has its own challenges, but we can assure you there is absolutely nothing immoral about Quantum Selling.

And yes, it does make selling a whole lot easier.

Quantum Selling taps into a power you were born with.

We show you how to use effectively and intentionally a power you currently use ineffectively and accidentally.

Are you ready to open doors no one else can even find?

Are you ready to make more money faster than you ever dreamed possible?

Are you ready to tear off your shirt and tie and accept the incredible powers already inside you?

We used the power of quantum energy to bend steel spoons like putty on our
first try.

We watched a 14 year old girl use it to bend a 1/8 inch aluminum rod like
a pretzel.

We watched novices bend steel and sprout alfalfa seeds using only
quantum energy.

We applied this same energy to the business of selling.

Using a simple 15 minute exercise we reached and sold millions from the comfort of our easy chair in just a few minutes a day.

What’s more, our Quantum Members have done it.

Now you can, too. As long as you’re not afraid of making sales too easily.

All you need is Quantum Selling.

Absolutely anything is possible once you know how to use this amazing
God-given power.

You can do this.

Because 97.4% of our students receive significant benefits from using Quantum Selling within their first 30 days.

Join us. Sign up for the newsletter list. Choose the Quantum Selling Membership that’s right for you.

Selling has never been this easy.


Dear Tom & Penelope,

I had to send along my results of the use of the program [Quantum Selling]. I definitely had to “suspend my disbelief” because I was very skeptical when I received the materials. However I was determined to remain open to any positive change.

I am in sales, and I work from home. After nearly two months of what I would consider a “dry spell” the phone started ringing and people were calling me back! New prospects made a buying decision and moved forward in record time. People whom I had not spoken to in more than six months suddenly called and wanted to know how to get started. My income has been steadily increasing as a result and it is wonderful!

Additionally, other things have started to slip into place. When I announced that I was going to be moving out of state, my landlord decided to let me out of my lease. My youngest daughter who was initially very upset about leaving, suddenly seems to have accepted this decision with a calmness that is eerie. We even found a perfect apartment for my older daughter almost effortlessly. Best of all, I feel as though I have a “secret tool” that will get me through any difficulty in the future because while it borders on science fiction, it certainly works to “make safe the path” and I am never going to question the evidence or argue with success again.

I felt that you should know,(and I am certain that you do know) that even if someone is skeptical, the results of this program are absolutely incredible!

Alexandra from Virginia 



Tom & Penelope Pauley - great father-daughter team

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More Money, Less Work

I know salesman aren’t supposed to read about Quantum Physics, but I just couldn’t stop myself.   It’s so darn interesting.

We all use it every day.  It’s so powerful our computers won’t work without it.  Yet, no one was applying it to the social aspects of our lives.

So, my daughter and I tried something really crazy.

We applied Quantum Theory to our telephone selling efforts.

Bingo!  We went from making 30 calls a day each to making a half-dozen total.

Instead of talking to only one person out of 30, we talked to nearly everybody we called.  And not only did they take our calls they were pre-sold when they picked up the receiver.

We stopped working 10 hour days and started going to Disneyland.  Or taking long lunches.  Or we’d do a little shopping just for fun.

I don’t golf anymore, but if I did I could have played every day of the week.

Quantum Selling was born and everything in our lives changed, instantly.

For the first time in my life I made really good money, quickly and easily.

Even better, I could be me.  I could be true to myself.  I could treat people like friends and family.

We discovered an extremely powerful and effective way to reach and sell anyone, anywhere, anytime.  All in about the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

And the benefits were endless.

We enjoyed stronger more positive relationships.

We resolved issues easily and healed old wounds.

We secured and retained long time customers with very little effort.

We baffled our competition.  In fact, the public company that bought us out said that Penelope and I had outsold the entire sales department.

More money, less work.

This system is so simple and effective you’ll wonder how you ever survived with it.


BTW - QS works even if the persons first language is not your own. Recently I went to get the documents to get French licence plates for our beloved Volvo (its a family car and the kids love it, so don’t ask!) which we brought with us from the UK.

Well I’d hit a roadblock, because my UK documents were registered in our company name for tax reasons and the [French] bureaucrat just didnt get it - so I literally turned my back on them for a minute closed my eyes and QS the transaction right there. I pulsed an intention to speak with their higher self, and just said look its OK, I’m bonafide, I love your country, and this transaction is going to be fun.

Her higher self obviously understood, because she laughed so much the next ten minutes I think it made her day, and of course I got my documents in record time. Here’s the twist - I got a Euro 100 discount too - I dont know how it happened, but I wasnt asking why. I just said merci Madam.

QS is such a blast.

Much love from us both.

Nick and Priya
On the French Rivera 



Tom & Penelope Pauley - great father-daughter team

NOTE: You'll Get a FREE 1-Hour Long Quantum Selling Bonus MP3 Audio
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You can listen to the audio here, below, but when you subscribe for more info they will send you the link to download it to your own computer so you can upload it to your iPod or MP3 player for offline listening:.

A Gift From The Universe

One of our Masters told me last month that he used Quantum Selling for four years very successfully. He used to deal with the myriad of issues and changes you have in your life. He was able to get closer to family members, resolve conflicts and enhance his relationships.

He even researched a few long lost geniuses and writers.

He thought Quantum Selling was the greatest thing since toaster ovens...then he said, "Last summer it hit me. I could use this in my selling work." 

The man is a real estate agent. And I love him.

See, Quantum Selling gives you a tool you can use to improve whatever you want to improve in your life. It can also help you sell more, faster, easier.

This process is truly a gift from the Universe.

What would you want to change in your life? Don't wait. The clock is ticking. Opportunities are passing you by.


Dear Tom & Penelope,

I was guided to purchase Quantum Selling. but I was not prepared for what happened next.

The first quarter I was with the company (end of 2005) I was able to land a deal for $900k -- more than had been done the prior 9 months...

In 2006, we sold more product in my territory than had been sold in the previous 8 years - COMBINED... 

In 2007 - I had exceeded my annual quota in August.

Here has been the challenge of late. The company has been having struggling reps call me to discuss how I did it. The last guy who called me was from Texas.  He literally makes 50 to 120 cold calls PER WEEK!!  Guess what -- I do not make cold calls.

The manager from Texas wants me to come down and talk to his team about how I do it.

I had a request 2 weeks ago that a rep wants to fly in and shadow me for a day to show him how I do it.

Sorry -- but I am beyond happy with Quantum Selling and am overwhelmed by the results, but I am not comfortable sharing it...

BTW -- to put a figure on my results -- I will make close to $300k this year. Not bad for a 44 year old from the wrong side of the tracks who does not have a college degree.

Des Moines, Iowa



Tom & Penelope Pauley - great father-daughter team

NOTE: You'll Get a FREE 1-Hour Long Quantum Selling Bonus MP3 Audio
When You Subscribe to Quantum Connections News! (ALSO FREE!)

You can listen to the audio here, below, but when you subscribe for more info they will send you the link to download it to your own computer so you can upload it to your iPod or MP3 player for offline listening:.

Keep A Pure Heart

II recieved my copy of Quantum Selling about 2 weeks ago. I did the reading within the first 2 days and it took a few days for me to get quiet time from the kids to do the actual excersices. I do see how I can fit them into my schedule - either early morning or bed time.

My question is this - I purchased this package to increase my income - build my Party Plan business. I've done the 'opening the portal' excercise once and have done track 5 a handfull of times. Since I am inviting people to visit my website and stop by my open house - how can I be certain that I'm doing this with a pure heart? I do want to grow my business, I do want to increase my income - though I'm very happy while sending out my message - extremely happy - how can I be certain that my message isn't just going out saying 'increase my business - increase my income'? Which I would think would be a negative thing while in the portal.

Thanks for your help!!!



Your intention is not to con or cheat your customers. Just keep their good in mind as you enter the portal. Remember how sacred your connections is. Don't try and sell them something you don't believe in. Don't lie or misconstrue. And never try to convince them of anything. You don't what that Karma. Present your offer and honor your connection.

Business is business we all know that. Of course, you will make a profit. Of course, you will grow your business. Of course, you will increase you income. If not, then you wouldn't be in business.

Remember selling is a noble act.  When you sell someone something you help them grow and learn. And that gives you a part of their progresss in this life.

I'm sure you're doing great!
Tom & Penelope


Dear Tom & Penelope,

I want to thank you for sharing such wonderful and powerful information with those of us who truly want to journey to the next level.  I read "I'm Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams" some time ago, and since that time my life has changed in many wonderful ways.

[Then] about 7 months ago,  I began practicing Quantum Selling, using your book and CD's,  although at the time I really had nothing to sell and no place to sell anything from!  I did, however, focus on connecting with "helpful people" who could help me publish my book, AXIS, The Song in the Center of the Soul - my own personal story of healing, growing, creating and allowing.

What Quantum Selling did was absolutely amazing!  It would take a hundred pages to tell you about all the details, ...but I am absolutely thrilled to tell you that my book is being published by a Canadian Publisher and that it goes to print in 3 weeks!  The person who found the publisher for my book is a man I did not know before I began Quantum Selling and to this day, I have never met him.  Yet, this person has done more to help me, support me and encourage me than any other human being I know.

Heather O'Hara



Tom & Penelope Pauley - great father-daughter team

NOTE: You'll Get a FREE 1-Hour Long Quantum Selling Bonus MP3 Audio
When You Subscribe to Quantum Connections News! (ALSO FREE!)

You can listen to the audio here, below, but when you subscribe for more info they will send you the link to download it to your own computer so you can upload it to your iPod or MP3 player for offline listening:.

Am I Doing It Right?

How do I know if I'm in the Portal?

Last night Diane, Penelope and I reached through the Portal to tell everyone about our Quantum Marketing eclass. It was a wonderful experience for all of us. I felt such love and peace. It was amazing.

Afterwards we all commented on what a wonderful Quantum Selling experience we'd had. Diane even mentioned, "all the sparks of love that came back to my heart turned bright orange." We all felt a tremendous sense of strength, love and well-being when we'd finished.

Then about three hours later Diane said, "How do I know I'm in the Portal? I'm not sure I'm doing it right."

I couldn't believe it. My lovely wife Diane had just told me that she saw yellow and orange sparks. And now she was questioning whether or not she was doing it right.

Hey, I haven't seen yellow and orange sparks, yet! She's seeing something I've not seen. And yet Diane still has questions.

That's when it hit me. This is so new and so different from what most of us do, it's natural that you question yourself.

How do you know if you're in the portal? If you do the exercises and your intent is to open the portal, then you will. If you scoff at the concept and convince yourself that you probably aren't doing it right, then you aren't doing it right.

You are what you think.

Quantum Selling is about connections to other humans on another level of reality. A level we don't consciously traverse on a regular basis.

It's like going blindfolded to a foreign land. Not only do you have the problems of speech and culture but you also no idea what the place looks like. You have to feel your way around. Get a sixth sense for the ambience.

What you experience in the portal will be unique for you. You may see visual events much like a movie. Or maybe you'll feel your connections to others. Like a jolt of electricity running through your body. I get that a lot when the pulse comes back to me. Or you may not see or feel anything, but you have sense of what's occurring.

You can always ask for a confirmation. Write: "I recognize with crystal clarity when I'm in
the portal."

Use the exercises, open the portal, recognize and reaffirm your connections. Then allow yourself to receive the return energy. If you're doing it out of love, you're doing it right. And the more you do it, the more you'll understand.

This is a new experience. Relax and enjoy it.


Dear Tom & Penelope,

I have had several awesome results....

I had been working very hard using another real estate training program that was not giving me the results that I had hoped for, no joy in the process and very costly. Then I made a visit to the Pauleys and my eyes , ears and heart were opened to the way all abundance is supplied and multiplied by Divine Intention, Intervention and for the highest good of all concerned.

The secret is in the connection and this course gives you the simple but necessary tools for doing so. This is easy to apply and is a very stress free way of life. My business is expanding each day and I am now adding an associate to our team. I have more business and less stress as I draw to me only the things that are for the highest good of all parties and release and let go of the rest.

I have been and continue to be by taking a few minutes each day to practice the quantum selling techniques to see results that I wouldn't have dreamed possible . . . it is a life changing experience.

Barbara J Holbein



Tom & Penelope Pauley - great father-daughter team

NOTE: You'll Get a FREE 1-Hour Long Quantum Selling Bonus MP3 Audio
When You Subscribe to Quantum Connections News! (ALSO FREE!)

You can listen to the audio here, below, but when you subscribe for more info they will send you the link to download it to your own computer so you can upload it to your iPod or MP3 player for offline listening:.

Knowing When You're In The Portal

Tom & Diane:

I received my Quantum Selling in case you haven't figured it out. he he. I'm sorry I didn't contact you sooner. I was so eager to jump right in and that I did. I read the book in its entirety before doing any exercises.

I do have a few questions though regarding the exercises. There are 5 different guided exercises. How do I know which one to use? Do you do each one for particular purposes?

The guided exercised are short.....should I be doing it longer than the actual track? Is it for illustration purposes and you just do it on your own from there? Cuz I feel like I should be doing it longer.

And finally how do I know I'm actually reaching through the portal? How do I know I'm getting my message across correctly and that its actually being received.

Thank you so much.

** ***

Rhonda, what great questions you have.

The exercises we've included are to facilitate your learning how to do this work. The first one for example is intended to teach you how to reach an Alpha mind state. Another is intended to establish a fundamental understanding of the process using only the simplest actions. And the last exercise is intended to expand your thinking and open doors of possibility.

Yes, the guided exercises are short for a couple of reasons. One, they are teaching exercises with a specific purpose. So we keep them short to teach the process, simply.

Two, you don't really have to spend a long time doing this work. You can be very effective opening the portal even for short periods of time.

Should you do it longer? Absolutely, if that feels good to you. Sometimes I'm in the portal for a very short period of time. Other times I'm there for quite awhile. Make this process work for you.

Now, I will say that one of the benefits of staying in the portal longer is that you have more time to absorb all the goodness coming back. Remember this is not a one way sales pitch. This is a joint venture between you the seller and those you are selling. One of the biggest mistakes people make is to close the portal before they have received. They give, but forget to receive.

Of course, time is not the deciding factor. When you allow yourself to receive, you receive instantly (time/space continuum). But for most of us it takes awhile to relax and open up enough to allow yourself to receive.

So, if you feel like taking longer, you probably should.

Also write this:
"I now know with crystal clarity when I'm in the portal."
"I recognize when I'm in the portal."

Just keep doing the exercises. The more you do them the more confident you will become.

I hope this helps.
Tom & Penelope


Hello Tom, Diane and Penelope,

Thank you for being such awesome, generous and courageous teachers! You're the czars of offering tools of Transformation for turning this planet into the paradise it was truly created to be!

I am a graduate of your quantum marketing course from earlier this summer and then most recently I received the quantum selling course last week the day before my birthday! I had just got back from attending Unleash the Power Within (fire walking and all) with Tony Robbinds. Anyway, I can't even begin to tell you what a wonderful gift I feel this quantum selling course is.

For the past few days that I have been doing the open the portal exercises, I feel some powerful shifts happening including a healing and having a joyous intimate relationship again with my girlfriend.

and then...........there is this large corporation in Silicon Valley that had kicked us out from doing business with them anymore about 2years ago. So I did the exercise of showering everyone in that company with white light and aknowledging and honoring my connection with certain individuals there. Well, this afternoon, while I was listening to one of your cd's I felt a compulsion to call a particular individual at that company about getting back in to doing business with them. He answered the phone immediately and I expressed my eargeness to doing busieness with them again and he enthusiastically agreed to helping us get back on board with them as a preferred equipment vendor. Contracts from this company are usually in the tune of 6 to 7 figures annually. In any case, putting money to the side, I was just delighted to connect with this individual again and so was he with me.

There's a lot more success stories on way to share with you. Some wonderful things are happening in my life as well as yours my friends.

with love and respect.
John Gitonga Mutungi


Hi Tom and Penelope,

I had an amazing experience this past week..

I'm involved in a network marketing business, and started doing Quantum Selling for that purpose.

One of the things that I truly believe, is that it is a really great opportunity and "sent out" a message about the successes that the members of my organization are having.

After that, I have met people who are literally guiding me to people interested in having a better life through this way of doing business, and I am really shocked.

When I talk to new people, it's so easy, like they already know what I will tell them and they are pre-sold.

The most striking thing, was that I received a phone call from a friend I hadn't seen for over 10 years! He said he found my phone somewhere in his house, and decided to call me to catch up and "see what I was doing now".

I also received a phone call from someone I don't know, who asked someone for the phone number of another guy, but that person gave her my number instead... after we realized the "mistake", we started chatting, told her about the opportunity and is interested in joining. Shocking.

I have done RV (Remote Viewing) in the past, but never applied the skills to something specific like this.

You are doing for everybody way more than what you advertise, and you are helping thousands of people have a better life in all aspects.

Thanks again,
Emilio Karam


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