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EFT, The Secret To Abundance And Prosperity

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by Eric Johnson

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a way of removing negative feelings by balancing the body's energy. In order to remove energy obstructions, acupuncture points are tapped while the participant focuses on a limiting belief. This opens the body to begin accepting happiness and abundance.

Much as a sculptor chips away stone to reveal his masterpiece, EFT chips away at the negative energies that do not belong. Removing our limiting beliefs leaves behind our true self, who is then able to receive the bounties life has to offer.

The EFT tapping technique involves tapping specific points on the body, usually with the index and middle fingers of the dominant hand. While tapping, the person makes a statement of self-acceptance despite his or her limiting issues. This is called the "setup," and goes like this:

"Even though I am (name the issue. For example, resisting making more money), I choose to love and accept myself." Repeat this three times. Then tap through each of the points, saying the problem.

While tapping, we are addressing the problem in order to clear out the negative. This allows us to feel good naturally and focus on the positive.

The Tapping Points

* Tap the midpoint of the hand on the outside edge between your pinky finger and your wrist. Tap at a simple steady pace and be sure to do so lightly. You do not want to bruise your hand.

* Tap at the eyebrow point, which is at the beginning of the eyebrow, right near the middle of the forehead.

* Tap on the side of the eye, on the outside corner of the eye socket.

* Tap right under the middle of the eye at the top of the cheek right on the edge of the eye socket.

* Tap under the nose between the nose and the upper lip.

* Tap between the chin and lower lip, in the crease on top of the chin.

* Tap your collarbone at the point in your neck where the two bones meet to make a U shape. Make a fist and tap directly over the U tapping the inside edges of both collarbones.

* Tap under your arm approximately four inches below the armpit. This may be close to the same area where a woman's bra might touch her arm. Tap using four fingers.

* Tap at the top of the head, which is the crown point. Use all fingers and tap around in a circle at the top of the head.

Tiredness after Tapping

Even this basic EFT exercise can effectively eliminate many negative emotions. You may feel tired after you practice EFT for any of a number of reasons: first, getting rid of strong emotions is a real workout. Imagine how tired you feel after a prolonged anguished cry. If you were able to release strong and tightly-held negative beliefs you may especially feel a slight fatigue.

The relaxation some people feel after tapping may be another reason for feeling tired. Most people carry around a lot of tension; letting go of that can cause a feeling of tiredness.

Yet another reason people feel fatigued and have a difficult time focusing after EFT may be due to resistance. There are parts of the mind that may not want to let go of the limiting beliefs the subconscious has within us. The mind may say it is too dangerous and resist the EFT process.

Because tapping can bring up intense feelings, people may choose not to do it alone.

Freedom from Limiting Beliefs

By recognizing the beliefs that limit us while we tap we can release negative energies and emotions that block our path toward abundance and joy. We are left as the chiseled sculpture, free from emotions that bind us and exposed to receive the blessings
around us!

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