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Secrets Of Happiness And Law Of Attraction

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by Simon Ward

Happiness and law of attraction are strongly connected. If you haven't ever heard of the law of attraction, then that's okay, because it is very easy to understand. It's actually very similar to the concept of positive thinking. It revolves around you possessing positive thoughts in order to attract wealth and happiness into your life.

The Law of Attraction isn't new and in fact has been around for a long, long time because it really works. Happy thoughts and the positive effects of the Law of Attraction are interconnected to each other. Think of this for a minute; do you know someone who seems to have everything, is laid back and always happy? These types of people allow things to come into their lives that make them happy and wealthy, and they don't block possibilities for these things with negative energy or thoughts.

Your thoughts are made up of energies, which is also what you are. If you are thinking positive thoughts, then you are made up of positive energy and abundance in your life will follow.

They Law of Attraction is powered by happy thoughts. How do you do that? Begin to talk to yourself as though you are wonderful, confident, beautiful, wealthy -- everything you've always wanted to be. Do this all day, every day, even if you don't feel like it's 'true.' These are positive affirmations, and they can help you fix any problems you might be having.

Some affirmations that you may find useful are, 'The more grateful I am, the more reasons I find to be grateful', 'I am beautiful and confident', 'I am a very friendly person, and people love me because I am love', and 'I have unlimited choices, opportunities are everywhere' You can choose to use these throughout the day, every day.

This type of affirmation work is especially important when you don't feel like doing it, by the way. The Law of Attraction works on this, too. If you become discouraged, frustrated, sad or angry, don't worry about it, but change your attitude as soon as you recognize it and think of something positive. You'll ultimately need to change the way you deal with life and banish negative thoughts in order to use the Law of Attraction to your best benefit and to be fulfilled in your life.

In fact, your mind is the only thing stopping you from having whatever you want. Do you think you can't have abundance and happiness? Why not? Other people have it, right? If they have it, you can, too. Get off the 'negative,' and begin to dwell on the 'positive.'

The key is to go with the flow. At any given moment, you must be completely convinced that there is positive energy flowing into your life in some way or another.

Once you begin to see that the Law of Attraction and happiness are interconnected, you'll see that things will begin to right themselves in your life.

If you're feeling sad or depressed, that negativity will drive happiness away from you. And, if you dwell on it, you may end up wallowing in it by watching a depressing movie, hanging out with negative friends, and so on. If you stay in this state long enough, you're going to build your life around negative circumstances without even realizing you're doing so.

However, it works the other way, too. Your life can become more positive and happy if you use positive affirmations and focus on the Law of Attraction's positive benefits. Above all, don't give up. Continue to see yourself as someone who is happy and fulfilled, and you'll see your life begin to change for the better -- in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if good things suddenly begin to pour in!

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