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by Dr. Michael J. Ducket

Recently, I took an inventory of my life and looked over everything I've done. Then, I looked at my failures and honestly recognized where my contributions or lack caused them. This process leads me to the realization that during those times, I wasn't totally playing 100% in my game of life.

Next, I looked at others and recognized very few actually play 100% in their games. If a person doesn't play 100% in the game, chances are they aren't going to win at whatever they desire. Why don't people play 100% in their games? The various reasons are too vast to put in a short article but there are a couple basic thoughts that make people hold back. There are some simple things people can do to increase the process of Upgrading Life to the next level.

Many people are confused and afraid. Human beings hold on to many fears which are all based in theirs minds as fantasies. Fear is not real. We create fear in our minds about something in the future. The first step to overcoming fear is to become aware of what we are afraid of. Next, realize it is simply something we are making up. While we can regret some things in our past, the present is usually not too scary. However, the future can become very scary and is the only place fear resides.

Sometimes intelligent people will say "I am not afraid of anything. I am just stressed out." Stress is another intelligent way of saying "I am afraid." Some people express their fears as anger. Actually, all anger is fear based. It would be a wise idea for a person who gets angry to find what the room cause is. Once the root fear is identified, the person can begin to reason with themselves and create a more stable reality to reduce the fear and diminish the anger.

Another reason why people don't play 100% in their games is they only focus on the current limitations to achieving their dreams and don't stay focused on their desired results. Anyone who has achieved any greatness in life, in anything, on any level, ignored why something couldn't be done and instead chose to stay focused on what they wanted. This is where intelligent people can actually possess a handicap.

Also, intelligent people will logically tell you why something can not be done. However, "winners" have an advantage of not knowing why something can't be done. They only declare what they want. This advantage allows "winners" to do the impossible. What do you see around you? You see all of the impossible things from light bulbs to planes. These were discovered by people who did not concentrate on why something couldn't be done. They focused only on what they wanted.

As we continue to concentrate only on the results we want and forget the obstacles or limitations, we will win. While other people will say it is impossible, we are achieving the impossible. Also included in this part of our conversation is lack of money, time or other resources.

I want to encourage you to go for what you truly want without paying attention to why it seems impossible, including your current limitations. When you move forward and disregard your fears while concentrating on why something can be done, you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

You are now about to discover the secret as to why some people succeed in both life and business while others go through life just wishing for something better. Welcome to the wonderful world of winners.

Your success is much closer than you think.

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Success Resources for Business & Life

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Success Resources for Business & Life


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