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Ladder 01 -- Copyright Laurie Kristensen
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Chutes & Ladders
Metaphor for the *Game of Life*
Do you remember the game "Chutes and Ladders"
from when you were a kid? The goal is to get
from start to finish by spinning a number wheel
and moving your game piece forward that number
of squares . . .

Success Resources for Business & Life

. . . HOWEVER, the game board is set up with "Chutes" and "Ladders" connecting different rows at different levels.

If your game piece lands on a square with a Chute, you must move backwards to a lower level -- but if your piece lands on a square with a Ladder, you are boosted farther along towards being The Winner!

During all the ups and downs of my life, I have remembered that game... and I have always asked to be shown those Ladders in regards to my life and my personal and spiritual growth!

There have been many times when I felt like I DID land on a Ladder and made huge progress in remarkably short amounts of time. 

Those were the times I found a teacher, a coach, or a friend -- or a book, a workshop, a movie, or even a piece of art that inspired me -- which helped ME to LEARN and be uplifted in ways I could not have accomplished on my own!

Personally, I've come to feel that The Winner's box means learning how to enjoy living Life in the present moment, no matter what!

This comes as a result of much personal and spiritual growth, becoming a seeker, and beginning to discover crucial answers that have revealed the essential "Ladders" to my consistently improving state of mind and life!

I hope you will feel that I have been of assistance to YOU -- provided you with a "Ladder" that will boost you ahead in this "Game of Life"!

New "Twist" -- from "The Universe"

I received this "Note... from The Universe" on October 13, 2004, and I think it's another fun way of explaining what I wrote above!

When you play a game with family and friends, Laurie, like hide and seek, or Twister, or even Monopoly, do you lose sleep the night before? Do you worry what people will think of your performance? Do you wonder how your past or your childhood years might influence your moves? Do you "replay" each turn in your mind the day after?

Ha-ha-hee-hee-hoe-hoe... No.
Because you probably think that it's just for fun. You understand that no matter what happens, nothing about it can detract from who you are. That while you might not "win" you'll actually be richer and wiser for the time spent thinking, and calculating, and sharing with friends. You might even relish the refinement and development of your skills.
Besides, in games you have nothing to prove; everyone you play with already loves you.
Bottom line, you can become more for the playing, but not in a zillion years can you become less. And the more you see games like this, the more fun you have, the more you grow, and the better you get.


Well, these are the exact same reasons that angels play the "Time~Space" game.

Laurie, it's why you're here.

Game, game, life, life, same, same.

Your roll,
     The Universe
PS:  Laurie, the board is your life, the tokens are your friends, and achieving particular dreams and overcoming customized challenges are the prizes you've all chosen ahead of time.
There are health games, wealth games, and relationship games. Confidence games, pride games, and worthiness games. There are even games you've never heard of.
Some play one at a time, others play many at once, but no one, really, has anything
to lose.

Success Resources for Business & Life

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Success Resources for Business & Life


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