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Change Your Script with Money

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by Carol Tuttle

In today's world it is easy to relate our level of happiness and security to how much money we have.

I understand completely!!

We create more choices for ourselves when we have more money.

But, if you wait for your money to show up to let your happiness grow, you are defeating the purpose of your current experience of a lack of money.

God would love for you to learn how to create more happiness now, while the cash is low, so you don't have to learn it when the cash is more.

Don't give the power of your level of happiness to money.

Release money to be a resource that is easily available to you, that flows to you freely.

Your belief system is creating your current experience with money.

Change your belief about money and you will change your bank account!

Write a new script for money. Take a dollar bill and write all over the dollar bill these statements:

I am worthy of money

I am good with money

Money flows to me easily

Money supports me

I am in harmony with a greater flow of money

I am grateful for the money I have now

I am receiving money from expected and unexpected places

I am honoring others that have more money than me

I am choosing happiness now, no matter how much money I have

Tape the dollar bill to your bathroom mirror so you can read it every day when you are dressing.

Add a new a new belief to your new money script everyday. (You can use a dry erase marker to write on your mirror, and it will clean off easily).

Carol Tuttle, Master Energy Therapist, Author, Speaker 
Carol Tuttle ABSOLUTELY provides the BEST cutting edge ONLINE resources for
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