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Success Thinking is a Success Strategy

Success Resources for Business & Life
Success Thinking is a Success Strategy

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by Laura Hess

Those who fail, follow the laws of failure. Likewise, people who succeed, follow the laws of success. It's impossible to reach any success if you're thoughts are of failure. It's impossible to have good health when you think of illness.

Your behavior is directed by your thoughts. Thoughts of failure, disease, loneliness, and fear drive you to behaviors that lead you directly to failure, becoming ill, and feeling lonely and fearful.

You are able to deny this law claiming it's not true. It's even possible to struggle against it believing it doesn't apply to you. But no matter what, you can not break free from it.

These principles apply to all creation, including the creation of your life. The experiences you have in your life start in your head and that's exactly where your power lies ... in your thoughts.

The Universe will give you health, when you think health instead of illness. You will have success when you believe in success rather than failure for yourself. Every thing you think of repeatedly and consistently will one day manifest.

So why not believe in what you want, as opposed to what you don't want?

For example, if you have a dental appointment and going to the dentist scares you, think differently and do this: Picture yourself in the dentist's chair, visualize a great white light enveloping you, and say, "Only healing hands touch me". Picture yourself having an easy and relaxing visit, safe in the hands of someone who helps you keep your teeth and gums healthy.

let's say you have a job interview coming up. See yourself seated in the interview room: What are you wearing? How is your hair styled? See yourself full of confidence and talking smoothly and easily. Feel how sure you are of yourself, your talents, and your abilities.

What if your parents are coming to visit and you feel exhausted just thinking about it? Shift your thinking. Picture yourself opening the door and welcoming them to your home with calm and peace, looking forward to their visit. See yourself having a real conversation with all of you speaking and listening to each other. Stay centered on yourself. Be yourself with them. Sense your love for them and their love for you.

These may be simple example but they are real. Visualizations like this are a success tool for changing your thinking and they function almost magically. The results you want are all inside your mind - it's your thinking that changes your life.

Even if you're not conscious of it yet, you use this process all the time. Every idea in your head about what's going to happen, or thinking about something from your past that you project to the future, creates a blueprint for your life.

There are always thoughts and ideas in your mind. Knowing the power you have to control them, which thoughts are you going to choose - the ones you want to see manifested? Master your thinking and the rest will follow. Think success, act successful, and success will come.

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Success Resources for Business & Life

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Success Resources for Business & Life


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