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Entrepreneur & Business Resources

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The resources in this section are for
entrepreneurial enterprises such as home-
based small business, network marketing
(also known as MLM or multi-level marketing),
and affiliate marketing.

Success Resources for Business & Life

The enterprises listed below often involve small financial investments to get started, plus ongoing advertising and marketing expenses, and some require purchasing product inventory. 

Therefore, your resulting income is totally determined by your own efforts and talents -- YOU are YOUR OWN boss!

You are NOT "trading time for dollars" and being paid an hourly wage or a yearly salary, at the mercy of an employer and uncertain economic winds.

Very often, the income you can create is RESIDUAL -- ongoing, passive income streams that will continue coming in even if you are not personally working your business for significant periods of time. This is accomplished through LEVERAGE.

J. Paul Getty, the oil industry billionaire, is famous for saying: "I’d rather have 1% of 100 people’s effort than 100% of my own." I agree with him!

Keep in mind, it usually takes a good amount of very hard work up front to create the kind momentum that will result in complete financial freedom.

However... THAT is what is possible with this type of enterprise -- for anyone, from ANY walk of life! If you could work hard for the next two to five years and then RETIRE for LIFE, would that be appealing to you?

Even it it takes you TEN years... do you know of any other type of self-employment, home-based business enterprise that offers that kind of potential?


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Additional Home-Business Ideas
& Resources


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Success Resources for Business & Life

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Success Resources for Business & Life


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