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The Power Word Technique

Success Resources for Business & Life

The subconscious mind accepts what it is told and uses these beliefs to bring forth outcomes. If you tell your subconscious mind that life provides opportunities, you will have opportunities; tell it that you never get what you want and disappointment will prevail.

Contradictory beliefs, however, can cause interference, as can resistance to change. For example, if I tell my subconscious mind that I am experiencing an easy cash flow yet I harbor the conflicting belief that it is difficult for me to make money, no matter how often I reinforce my perception of an easy cash flow, it will be obstructed.

Likewise, fear or any other uncomfortable emotion I might have about the effects of an easy cash flow could also hinder a positive outcome. Fortunately, because the subconscious mind believes and acts on what it is told, it can also be taught to release old beliefs and unhealthy emotions and move through resistance.

To harness the participation of your subconscious mind, practice the following technique-a method based on the Be Set Free Fast (BSFF) approach developed by psychologist Larry Nims. First, choose what I call a "power word," which can be any word or short phrase that, unlike the word money, perhaps, does not have a strong emotional charge for you. My power word is terrific. Examples of terms my coaching clients have used include Shazam, Freedom, Peace, Do it, and Go, girl.

Next, read the following statement aloud to alert your subconscious mind to the outcomes you would like it to present.

Subconscious mind, every time I notice a problem, discomfort, belief, or behavior I intend to release, you will employ the following power word to eliminate all the roots of the problem, emotional discomfort, belief, or behavior. You will also apply this power word to install any statement of intention, affirmation, or new belief that I make. The power word I am going to use is __________.

If you later decide to change your power word, repeat the statement and conclude by saying, "Subconscious mind, I am now going to use the power word _________."

This method calls upon the power word to cue in the subconscious mind for purposes of releasing dysfunctional habits and installing functional ones.

A release statement, to be followed by your power word, might include any one of these: "I release the belief that I can't change," "I release my expectations of failure," "I release my fear of change," "I release my need to criticize myself," or "I release my need to procrastinate."

The installation of an intention, affirmation, or new belief, also to be followed by your power word, articulates your willingness and desire to adopt a more functional habit.

A statement of intention might be as follows: "I am willing (want, give myself permission) to change my relationship with money."

A statement of affirmation, which presents a condition or state of being as if it were already in existence, would be voiced as an "I am" statement, such as "I am comfortable with change."

A statement of new belief, on the other hand, would be expressed as an outcome you are capable of achieving, such as "I can improve my financial position."

It is also possible to combine a hoped-for installation with a release by using your power word after a release-and-manifest statement, as in "I give up being stuck and manifest freedom."

Any sequence you prepare to release one habit and install another should be easy to perform and will make its effects known inwardly. Simply repeat each statement and your power word, adding more statements as necessary, until you note a distinct lessening of tension or overall sense of well-being.

When using your power word to release a recurring uncomfortable emotion, merely focus on the emotion and repeat your power word until the feeling dissipates.

To overcome resistance to change, you could work with a sequence such as this: 

I release my need for resistance. (Power word)

I release my fear of financial change. (Power word)

I am willing to deal with the consequences of moving
forward. (Power word)

I give myself permission to enjoy changing my financial position. (Power word)

I can make these changes and still be safe. (Power word)

I can make these changes and not be alone. (Power word)

I am comfortable with change. (Power word)

I release my resistance and manifest change. (Power word)  

On the other hand, to surmount impediments introduced in response to an identity threat, you might achieve better results with this sequence:

I release my need to maintain my current identity. (Power word)

I release my fear of creating a new financial identity. (Power word)

I release my fear of being unable to change my financial behaviors. (Power word)

I want to change the way I deal with money. (Power word)
I am willing to go through the discomforts of this change. (Power word)

I am able to deal more comfortably with money. (Power word)

Using your power word in this way will give you a sense of control over outgrown habits that may be obstructing your financial progress. In fact, it will often diminish or eliminate the emotional charge causing the block.

Inviting your subconscious mind to participate in shifting your financial position replaces self-defeating thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors with constructive ones. As such, it serves as a potent conditioning force.

Customized as needed, this method can independently eliminate barriers to progressive change and eventual prosperity.

Success Resources for Business & Life

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Success Resources for Business & Life


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