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How To Use Lead Capture Pages:

Generate Your Own Exclusive, High Quality Leads

You can use the link to your Lead Capture Page in ANY kind of advertising
where you would otherwise normally use the link to your company affiliate/replicated site:

  - Flyers
      - Post Cards
         - Emails
            -Direct Mail Letters
               - Classified Ads
                  - Ad/Drop/Sizzle/Business Cards

>  First of all, when you get your Lead Capture Page, remember to submit it to the search engines (SEs).

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More Details & Suggestions:

>  Second, your Lead Capture Page is a website that can be promoted through any methods that any websites are promoted through... pay-per-click advertising or other types of professional search engine marketing that you may know how to do yourself, or you may choose to pay a professional to do for you. (Note that I do not offer those services.)

How To Use Lead Capture Pages to Generate Leads

>  You can use the link to your Lead Capture Page in ANY of your advertising:

--  In emails sent to purchased "leads lists." These are lists of people and their contact details who have requested information about home-based businesses from "leads companies or vendors" who then sell the lists to you and usually up to several others (and sometimes they sell the same lead to many others). You may choose to use autoresponders* to automate the process of making the initial contact to leads lists, and/or for the follow-up or "drip" process over time, if they do not join your business immediately.

-- *If you are NOT using autoresponders, you can also create a shorter link (a.k.a. URL or domain name or website address) for your Lead Capture Page website that's easy to say on the phone (and easier to fit on sizzle cards, see next item) and give it out in your voice messages when prospecting by calling leads lists.

--  On
business cards -OR- "sizzle" cards / "drop" cards / "billboard" / "ad card" types of business cards (cards with a brief ad plus your Lead Capture Page website link or a toll-free sizzle line phone number, with which you can generate your own, high quality, exclusive, real-time leads). Also find 2 different types of a blank business card template when you scroll down toward the bottom of the page.

--  In emails and posts in online email discussion forums (in the body or message when appropriate), or simply included in your
signature file - a line (or a few if allowed) that includes a link(s) to your website, etc.

--  On other websites you may have, including any
profile/biography pages, social media sites, or even a blog.

--  In
classified ads:

     - offline: newspapers, etc.

     - online: classified ad sites, 
       ezines and e-newsletters, 
       or in
traffic exchanges.

--  Printed, stamped, or labeled onto company brochures, brochures you make yourself, or 3rd party brochures or other literature (such as reprints of articles about your company)

--  On
post cards or mini-flyers.

--  On full-page flyers.

--  Flyers and other literature can be delivered to homes using
clear plastic door hangers (more info: click here and scroll down).

--  In 
articles that you write about subjects related to your business and post at online article banks, directories, and other websites that accept article submissions. You are not paid for your articles, but you can include your website link in your "resource box" or the "About the Author" section at the end of your article.

Or any other way you can think of
to get your Lead Capture Page link "out there" to prospects!

AFTER your lead (prospect) has filled out the form requesting information:

-- CALL THEM ASAP to introduce yourself and also to make sure that (after they filled out the form) they saw the Confirmation Message...

If you don't reach them live, leave a voice message.

-- Then, send them a brief, simple email to confirm either your live phone conversation or your voice message -- and include any information you want to give them at that point.

-- Also add them to either your main email account or an autoresponder, so that you can start following-up with them by sending them news about our company by email as well as following up with them by phone.

Send them emails REGULARLY and OFTEN and call them periodically until they either join your team or they tell you they are no longer interested in the information....

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Lead Capture

Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?
Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?

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