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Generate YOUR OWN High Quality, Exclusive 
Network Marketing, MLM, and Direct Sales 
Leads by Easily Creating
Lead Capture Pages - otherwise known
as "SQUEEZE Pages" or "Landing Pages"

- How Do You Get Your Visitors to Return?

Let’s look at what you usually do when surfing the web. You see a site you like and start to read it. You are thinking about what a great site it is and if you really like it you bookmark it so you can come back again.

Then something interrupts you, it may be the dog barking at a neighbor or one of the kids starting to cry and you are called away.

What happens when you get back? You have forgotten what you were looking at and what are the odds you’ll ever use the bookmark to go back?

Want to find out? Go click your bookmarks right now and see if you can even remember what half of them are for. I know I can’t.

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Laurie Kristensen, Editor/Webmaster

Capture Leads with Instant Squeeze Page Generator


Your site visitor is no different then you are. No matter how great your site is things constantly distract people and your visitor is gone.

Now if the site you visited had used a squeeze page and made you an offer of interest, they would have a way to contact you. When they email two days later you remember the great report they gave you and open the email to see what they have to say.

You are very likely to go back and see more of their site. What is more is that they can continue to invite you back time and again because they got your contact information and your permission.

This is why using a squeeze page and getting permission to follow up with your visitors is so powerful.

Check out this FREE Instant Squeeze Page Generator

- What Do You Need for a Good Squeeze Page?

There are a number of pieces that go into creating a good squeeze page.

Probably the most important is the layout of the page. Creating a good template for your squeeze page and testing and tweaking it can take quite a bit of time.

All of the time you spend doing that will cost you subscribers as you work to get your squeeze page converting properly. After all if only 2% of your visitors sign up instead of 20% you have lost quite a few chances to get people to return.

That is one of the big advantages of using the tested templates offered by ISPG. No learning curve to cost you subscribers.

Check it out - FREE Instant Squeeze Page Generator

Why try to reinvent the wheel? ISPG has already tested and proven their templates
for you.

- Graphics Improve Conversions

The look of that template will be affected by the graphics you use. If they are not professional then you are sending a bad message to your visitor and it will hurt your conversion.

Professional first rate graphics project the image you want to have. Graphics can put a dent in your budget especially of you are graphically challenged like I am.

A good cover, header and footer package can easily cost you $100 or more. That is why ISPG provides you with the professional graphics you need for your page.

No need to spend $100’s of dollars on graphics when they are already included with your free membership.

Check out this FREE Instant Squeeze Page Generator Today!

Save your money for generating traffic instead of for paying for graphics. Your list will grow faster.

- Is HTML a Foreign Language?

HTML is the language that makes your page show up on your visitor’s computer. To some it seems like a foreign language.

The great part of ISPG is that you don’t need to be able to talk that foreign language. It creates your pages but the system does the HTML not you.

Not only does ISPG save you testing themes, creating graphics but they make sure you don’t need to study a new language either.

All that and at a price you can’t beat -- $0 (FREE)

Get your FREE Instant Squeeze Page Generator

No graphics, no trial and error and no cost sure make this a no brainer, don’t they?

- Easily Create a Great Offer

Having a great offer that your subscriber just must have is the final piece of the puzzle. You need it to be something of value that leaves them drooling.

This can be a piece of software, an instructional video, an email series or an ebook. The key is that it must be something that your visitor will feel they must have.

Now they have a reason to give you permission to email them. More importantly, you have given them something of value. This will help you start the relationship.

ISPG offers you a wide selection of gifts that you may offer to your subscribers. They host the gifts, they handle the download. You only need to add a link to one of their pages for your subscribers to be able to download the gift.

ISPG handles everything for you. They give you the proven template, host your page, offer the gift and handle the download all from a simple point and click interface.

All you need to do is create your page with their point and click process and get visitor’s to it. They do every thing else.

All for the absolute best price $0 (FREE). Start getting your subscribers today and watch your income soar.

Bottom Line... There isn’t an easier or cheaper (FREE!) way to get subscribers than what ISPG offers. What are you waiting for?

Sign Up for Your Own F-R-E-E Instant Squeeze Page Generator TODAY!

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