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You Can "CAPTURE" Contact Info for Visitors to Your
1-Page Opportunity Web Site - Your
"Lead Capture Page"

A Lead CAPTURE Page Can Help You GENERATE Your Own

High Quality, Exclusive Business Opportunity Leads
for Network Marketing, MLM, and Direct Sales, PLUS...
You Can SAVE Tons of $$$

Lead capture 
pages are PERFECT for everyone who wants or needs an
EASY & EFFECTIVE lead generation tool in their marketing arsenal!
Keep It Simple and $ave Money

Lead Capture Pages

The Need...

You need a way to safely market your network marketing, MLM, or direct sales home based business opportunity to people that you do not yet know personally.

Two Possible Situations:

Your company website does not require prospects to give their contact details in exchange for full access to the details on your site...

IF you invite people (through advertising) directly to your company website...
THEN there is no way to know they were even there. They've been there and GONE -- and you're helpless to follow up with them because no other information is gathered ("captured") about them. Therefore, you are unable to follow up with them.

2)  Your company website does require prospects to give their contact details in exchange for full access to the details on your site. However...

IF you want to market via email, you may be accused of spamming if you advertise your actual company website in your initial (very first) emails -- especially if you are emailing opportunity seeker leads that were generated through another company.

To avoid SPAM accusations, you must first send 'generic' home business ad/sales emails which require them to click a link for specific information about your unique opportunity.
Your email can be sort and sweet, an interest-provoking bit of info (but does NOT mention your company or any specifics whatsoever, keep it generic) with a link to your own Lead Capture Page...

The Solution...

We call this idea a "Lead Capture Page" website because you "capture" the contact details of your prospects who are interested in visiting your company affiliate site, BEFORE you send them there.

Here's How It Works:
Learn More, Click Here

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Lead Capture

Lead Capture

Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?
Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?

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