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"Lead Capture Pages" for Network Marketing, MLM, Internet Marketing, & Direct Sales Home Based Businesses

A "Lead Capture Page" is the solution
for generating your own high quality, exclusive leads for your network marketing, MLM, or direct sales home based business opportunity.

We call this idea a "Lead Capture Page" web site because you "capture" the contact details of your prospects who are interested in visiting your company affiliate site (aka, a replicated site), BEFORE you send them there.

ALSO NOTE:  Even if your company web site does capture the contact details and enters your prospects into a follow-up system, if you ever decide to leave that company, you will most likely lose those leads. However, if you capture them YOURSELF, first, they are yours forever. And, if your current opportunity turns out not to be a good fit for some of your prospects, you can always go back to them later with something different.

Here's How It Works:

1)  You can create your own "Do-It-Yourself Lead Capture Page(s).....

  Your prospect visits your "Lead Capture Page" FIRST, which gives them just enough information to inspire them to want to learn more.
To request information, they fill out the form (and immediately, an email is automatically sent to you with their info or they are added to your autoresponder database).

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A Bit of MLM Humor: 

An expert called into a network marketing company to find out why they were not earning more money, stopped one distributor and asked him what he did.  

"Nothing," said the distributor.  

The expert turned to another distributor standing nearby and asked him what he did.  

"Nothing," was his reply.  

"Oh," said the
expert, "too much


4)  NOW, you'll not only know who visited your company affiliate site, but you'll also have their contact details and you can immediately follow up with them by phone and/or email.
NOTE:  It's HIGHLY recommended you pick up the phone and make contact with them as soon as possible, giving them your specific instructions for doing their homework on your opportunity....

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Lead Capture

Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?
Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?

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