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How To Create Your Own Exclusive Leads
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How To Create Your Own 
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The life blood of any business is a continuing flow of fresh, exclusive, highly responsive leads. The best leads are those generated yourself with a one-page web site sometimes called a “squeeze page” or also called a “lead capture page.”

There are many ways to generate leads and earn money from the Internet. Many people have claimed to have gained millions from using the Internet as a marketing tool to generate leads for their products, services, or business opportunities, and many more have been able to earn extra income that is significant enough to improve their life greatly.

Marketing itself has made a dramatic shift towards the use of the virtual world of the Internet to be able to reach a certain market and generate leads to promote certain products, services, and opportunities. Emails, ezines, web sites, affiliate programs, advertising programs -- these are just a few of the most popular ways of earning through the Internet.

Squeeze pages, or lead capture pages, are
simply one-page web sites which provide 
enough information to inspire visitors to
“opt-in” towards another action.

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How To Create Your Own Exclusive Leads

Most Internet marketers today are familiar with what are called “squeeze pages.” However, many fail to use them effectively to generate the high quality types of leads necessary to translate into hard sales or business partnerships and resulting profits.

Squeeze pages are also known as “lead capture pages” (or sometimes just “capture pages” or “landing pages”). They are generally popular in multi-level marketing (MLM) or network marketing and have been
proven particularly effective by many people to generate leads which they attempt to recruit for their downlines (converting prospects into product customers and/or business partners), eventually leading to sales and residual income profits.

For those marketers who have no idea what squeeze pages or lead capture pages are, they are simply one-page web sites which ask people to “opt-in” towards another action. When people come across these web pages, they will be asked if they would like to continue with a certain business endeavor or not.

They are also relatively easy to build because of being only one-page web sites listing the highlights and benefits of what is being offered, and including an online form for prospects to fill in, giving the marketer permission to contact them via email with additional information (also known as an opt-in lead).

Some squeeze page or lead capture web sites have only two options for the readers: one is “opt-in” and the other one is “leave.” With others, prospects are actually provided with additional options, such as how to continue to explore information about the product, service, or business opportunity. 

Most Internet marketers know that
will not always purchase or decide to join
during their first visit to their web site.

Underlying Rationale

Why bother putting up a web site just to ask people whether they would like to continue with the sales transaction or information exploration -- or not to continue?

The underlying principle behind squeeze pages and lead capture pages is that marketers who promote their products, services, or opportunities through the Internet know that people will not always purchase or decide to join, during their first encounter with their web site sales message.

The most effective squeeze pages and lead capture pages provide ONLY enough information that is valuable to prospects to inspire them to ask for MORE information.... 

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Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?
Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?

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