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Why MLM Prospecting Can Bring No Success
by Josh Cope

Understanding your target market is the difference between successful network marketing prospecting and wasting your time.

The term "target market" references the group of people that are most likely to join your downline or buy your opportunity's products.

Your MLM business has two different target markets. The first group, or target market, is the group of people that are most likely to purchase your company's health product, energy drink, gift program, shop at one of your partner stores, etc..

The people that would have a good chance of building a profitable mlm business in your downline would make up the second target market In other words, this second target market is the group of people that are most likely to produce for you in your downline.

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Now this is important for you to understand: Each of your two target markets are made up of a entirely unique group of people. For example, just because someone is likely to spend money on your opportunity's retail products, does not mean they are interested in joining your downline. And on the opposite side, just because someone wishes to join your downline does not mean they really care about your retail products -- although I understand this goes against almost everything you've likely been taught so far. But bare with me, I'll prove it to you.
I know that your main focus at this point is likely to build your actual downline, so let's focus on understanding who the people are that would be most likely to join your opportunity and build a profitable network marketing business inside your downline.

Now to help you better understand who the group of people are that would be most likely to build a successful business in your opportunity, let's pretend you're an NFL scout. If you were looking to put together a winning team, where would you probably start your search?

Would you start by asking random people that walked by you at the mall if they wanted to become a top-rated NFL athlete?

How about would you hound your friends and family and practically force them to go to an informational meeting about becoming a pro football player that was being held at your local hotel?

Would you hand out some of your "products" like a team hoodie to your , On The Boarder waiter, or even complete strangers so they could try out your "product". And if they liked your "product", would you then try to sell them that they could make a lot of money just by wearing it as an pro athlete?

I know this sounds ridiculous, because if you used any of the methods I just mentioned for prospecting for your team you would have the worst team ever to play as a pro team. I have no doubt that your team would never win any games at all.

But as ridiculous as it sounds to prospect for pro athletes this way, think about this: 97% of people fail in network marketing because they do the exact same thing. They waste their time attacking your circle of influence, calling genealogy lists, and handing out product samples, which only brings the wrong people into their opportunity (or nobody at all).

The secret to putting together a successful pro football team is to recruit proven athletes, not beginners. Pro scouts spend their time looking at the skills and performance numbers of college players and then decide who would be the best fit for their team. Wasting time on prospecting a player that hasn't proven they can be a solid addition to their team would be stupid.

And if you want to avoid the 97% failure rate of this industry, you must follow the same principles when recruiting for your own network marketing downline. Telling people that they can "make a lot of money marketing travel packages" will only result in failure - just like if professional talent scouts tried to build their team based on who would like to "make a lot of money as pro athlete". Instead build a winning downline by building your opportunity exactly how pro scouts build a winning team - by recruiting proven producers, not beginners. In other words, other network marketers who have proven they can produce and build a successful business!

Anything else will spell failure for you and your business.

Recruiting other network marketers and proven producers is the key to going full-time in your business without having to face embarrassing rejection, cold call, or hand out product samples and sizzle cards. And it's the key to filling your downline with hard working reps that will produce for you right away.

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Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?
Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?

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