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Tips On Skype Lead Generation To Build Your Home Based Business
by Williams Brian

Here are some skype marketing tips. You can download skype at the their website if you do not have it. It is free. One of the best things to do with skype before you set it up is to choose a name for yourself which is relevant to your business.

You can simply choose your web address as your name. At the top of skype you will see the tool bar listing call, chat, view, and help.

It has a camera feature. You can use it to see those you speak with and they can see you. Or you can choose to not use the camera feature.

Once you have downloaded skype click on tools you will see it says search users. A box will appear that says find. You can type in a name like Smith and you will be able to send a message instantly to that person. If that person is not logged on they will be able to read your message the next time they log on. You might want to limit your search to the country you are in. And you can narrow it down to state and city if you want to.

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At this point disregard the gender or age box. So you can contact anyone leave the mode box unchecked. This has to do with the privacy function as is more of concern for those who use it to meet and date or start personal relationships. You are doing this for marketing purposes.

Now hit find and all the names of people who using the service under that name will appear. When you click on any of the name you highlight you can then click add contact. You will then be able to send that person one message. So what you want to do is try to get that person to visit your website business.

Be polite and friendly and helpful. If you are you will have a better chance of this person visiting your website. You want to pre write your message so you can copy and paste into the message box. Work on each message individually and you will be all day sending messages. You want to send four to five hundred messages a day so you need to have a message ready to send.

Once you paste your message in the box all you have to do is click send and your message will go to that person. You go to the next name on the list and do the same thing again. Use the power and convenience of skype to build your business.

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Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?
Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?

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