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Online Video Marketing is Powerful for Home Business Lead Generation
by Laurie Kristensen


The power of online video marketing has grown to the point where savvy marketers know it must become a part of their advertising arsenal. Business video marketing on the Internet creates extremely targeted business leads for a relatively low cost.

Combining FREE video distribution methods with carefully chosen PAID video advertising venues creates the most powerful combination for an effective VIDEO MARKETING STRATEGY for network marketing (multi-level marketing, or MLM), direct sales, and franchise opportunity businesses.

I have heard so much about online video marketing and, up until now, I have dabbled just a bit by adding a few short videos to YouTube.

Since I do not own a digital video recorder, I have tried two free video making sites to make my videos (so far):

- Animoto.com, where you make videos using
your photos.

- Xtranormal.com, where you can create some interesting animated videos by writing a script and choosing characters... it took me a whole day to figure that one out, but it was fun.

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Laurie Kristensen, Editor/Webmaster

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I have also used videos I have the rights to download and use from the companies I have worked with. I have even somewhat learned to edit them using Windows Movie Maker (which usually comes free on all PCs, pre-installed).

In order to learn more about how to use Windows Movie Maker, I looked up tutorial videos about it on YouTube! It is amazing what you can find if you know how/what to look for.

Anyway, I recently joined TubeMogul.com -- it is a free service that allows you to upload your video to several sites all at the same time.

When you first join, you must register at a bunch of video hosting sites that are included on their list -- that took some time and was kind of tedious, but it will go a lot faster from now on. I made sure to keep a record of all the sites and the email, user name, password, and (if applicable) display nickname I used when registering.

The best thing is that literally within an HOUR of finishing with my first video uploaded with TubeMogul, my video came up on page 1 of Google for my keyword (BizBuz.TV) on two of the sites! In the next couple days, even more results showed up on the first couple pages of Google.

Granted, my keyword is not that well-known yet, but to see such fast results was exciting anyway. As the brand name of BizBuz TV gets out, and when people go to search for more information about it, my videos will pop up.

So, I recommend TubeMogul.com for submitting your videos. Actually, I have heard it mentioned several times in the last year or so. But, I also had heard about Traffic Geyser, which is relatively expensive and does the same kind of thing but on a larger, more powerful scale.

Then a friend said that until I can afford Traffic Geyser, TubeMogul really does work well.... and now I must say I agree with him!

Here is an important tip...

When filling in the information fields about your video (title, keywords, description, etc.), be sure to type in your site URL (that you want to drive traffic to) in the description area as the very first thing. Be sure to include the http:// part of the URL -- that is what makes it a live, clickable link.

You want to do that because on many of the video hosting sites (YouTube for one) it will automatically make it a clickable link -- which will not only make it easier for people to visit your site by just clicking it, but it will create powerful "backlinks" to your site
as well.

Also, you might want to go back to your actual YouTube page and fill up the description area with more content about your video, as well as listing relevant keywords. (See my BizBuzTV intro video as an example.) This will help it rank higher on Google.com. One valuable tip I picked up along the way is to search for your keyword on YouTube, and then look for the keywords listed in the descriptions for the top results videos. You can copy their keywords into the description of your own video for even better results.

Online video marketing can go way beyond just uploading to YouTube and the other video hosting sites listed in TubeMogul. Just “google” the term "free video hosting sites" and you’ll find many more. You can always just register at each and upload your video individually to make the very most of your video marketing strategy.

Not only that, if your advertising and marketing budget allows, there are excellent paid advertising Internet video marketing venues where you can wisely invest your dollars to give your video even more powerful and widespread exposure. That is the kind of online video marketing that can bring the most powerful results in terms of generating targeted business leads of eager, informed prospects who are open and pre-sold as to what you offer.

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Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?
Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?

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