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Lead Capture Pages - How Can You Promote Them? (continued)


#6. Newspaper/Magazine Advertising

Think with a little creativity as well and don't be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to newspaper advertising. Everybody who tries it goes straight for the obvious and wants to run their ad in the "business opportunities" section. Don't get me wrong it's a great place but here is an example of thinking outside the box when it comes to classifieds.

Let's say you are promoting a higher ticket direct sales product. The commission per sale is $1000+ in your pocket... Who do you think reading the paper would be interested in putting $1000+ in their pocket too?

I could be wrong but I would say anybody looking for a home may want to earn a little extra money or what about someone looking to buy an expensive car they could probably use some extra cash. Most importantly we are advertising to people that have money! If they are looking at $500,000 homes and luxury cars they obviously have a bit of cash in the bank and could be excellent candidates for your business.

By choosing traffic generation methods
recommended in this article, drive qualified
to your lead capture page, resulting
in a steady stream of high-quality leads.


How can you reach them with a classified ad?

Well if you wanted to write a classified ad that would reach someone looking for a home and possibly interest them in your opportunity you could place your ad in the real estate section of the paper. Your ad could say:

Need Extra Cash For A Down Payment?
Simple, very lucrative business
opportunity. Earn the money to buy
your dream home! [www.website.com]

You're not going to get a 1000 leads or anything from a small, lower circulation ad like this but you will generate of leads and break some fresh ground in your business. Consistency is key when you are using print advertising and once you start to see a return it's time to start spending more and finding fresh sources. There are so many smaller local publications you can advertise in that there should never be a problem sourcing any.

Keep your eyes open as you travel about your town. Some good places to find these publications are local newsstands, restaurants, airports, rec centers, sports groups and local organizations.

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Internet / Network Marketing Humor:
Signs that you may be spending too much time on the Internet:

-- Your child's godmother is someone you have never met.

-- You dream in text.

-- You get your mother to join because you just don't have the time to stop by to see her anymore.

-- You fail to notice that your kids have become couch potatoes.

-- You no longer have clocks that run, other than the computer clock.


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#7. Article Writing And Syndication

One of the questions I am honestly asked almost every single day is "Carl, How do I get my lead capture page to the #1 spot in Google, Yahoo or any major search engine?" The answer is always the same. You Can't! Lead capture pages are just simple one page websites and in the search engines eyes, provide very little valuable content. Getting one's lead capture page actually naturally ranked in the search engines is going to be an extremely tough go and I won't get into it with this article.

But what if I told you there was a way for you to get anyone of the top 10 spots in Google or Yahoo for a keyword directly related to your business within one week. That's right I said One Week. Would you be interested in that? Write an article about your business or products and submit to the major article and content directories.

Webmasters are constantly looking for fresh new content they can put up on their websites for visitors to view. If they decide to publish your work you will get to link back to your lead capture page from your authors box in the article.

By submitting your articles to some of the major content directories you'll also be able to see your articles possibly picked up by the big search engines within one week. In fact I've submitted articles that were picked up on the first page of Google for their keywords within just a few days. It can work great for you in the short term if you write a really good article that is picked up by hundreds or thousands of sites.

It's extremely exciting when you start to see
an advertising campaign delivering
leads to your inbox daily

Personally I think article writing is something that should be looked at as a long-term strategy. If you just wrote 1 article a week about your business or products you would have 52 in a year. That can equate to major leverage in the search engines and 1 article a week is being extremely lazy.

#8. Write A Press Release

Did your company create something revolutionary or newsworthy. Let the world know by writing a press release or even having one written for you about the event, product or discovery. Press releases when done correctly can be an excellent source of traffic for a lead generation campaign. Personally I wouldn't try writing one myself I would go to the professionals at prweb.com or somewhere similar and have one or two written for you. Press releases also have a knack for getting picked up and syndicated in the search engines. It's another great marketing strategy to definitely look into.

Generating your own leads doesn't have to be a chore. It's a fun process and extremely exciting when you start to see an advertising campaign delivering fresh leads to your inbox daily. Hopefully this article helped to shed a little more light on the topic....

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