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The Five Worst Things You Can Say To A Good Prospect

People tell us their biggest obstacle to success is this: Finding good people to talk to and, then getting that person to even LISTEN to the opportunity. Here are the five worst things you can say to a good prospect.

Each week on our big national conference calls, people from the 35-45 companies on the line tell us their biggest obstacle to success is this: Finding good people to talk to and, when they finally have one, getting that person to even LISTEN to the opportunity.

Everybody seeks those elusive, good people.

The kind who are committed to do what it takes to make it. Obsessed.

Resilient. Ambitious. Not easily influenced by others once they've made up their own minds, based on their own research and personal experiences. Fun people. Friendly, open-minded people. Self-starters. Hard working. Will do whatEVER it takes. And of course, they will have a major sphere of influence over other people just like them. Yes.

Shall we agree that this is a likely definition of a 'good person' for the business? Oh, and they're definitely not whiney or pukey towards new ideas and new things.

Let's say we agree who the 'good people' are. Did you realize the things they usually teach you to say from the front of the room typically turn these kinds of people right off? Oiy vey! Really?

Everybody knows that step one is attracting good people, and then, getting them to listen, yes?

Well, for good people like this, of whom I consider myself one, and I believe many of my readers consider themselves ones too, here are the 5 worst things you can say to any of us:

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Quotations from About.com
If you shoot for the stars and hit the moon, it's OK. But you've got to shoot for something. A lot of people don't even shoot.
~ Robert Townsend
There is only one way to get anybody to do anything. And that is by making the other person want to do it.
~ Dale Carnegie
What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.
~ Zig Ziglar

-- It's easy. Anyone can do it.

-- You can/will make [big money/a fortune/$10k+/mo] almost immediately in this business.

-- 'Everyone' will want this product/service.

-- Ours (this) is the best [deal/company/pay plan/management (you name it)] in the history of the world/out there.

-- All you have to do is talk to people you know.

1.  "It's easy. Anyone can do it."

Why would anyone tell a good, new prospect this? If it were really true, why do 90% plus of the people who sign up, cave?

Besides, whom do you actually attract when you say that? What do people who hear that expect they have to do to make it in the business?

While it may be true that cerebral brain power is not what one needs to make it big in networking, shouldn't we stop pretending that it's easy and anyone can do it? Otherwise, wouldn't EVERYONE be making it?

The second worst thing you can say to a good prospect is:

The Five Worst Things You Can Say To A Prospect

2. "You can/will make [big money/a fortune/$10k+/mo] almost immediately in this business."

Predicting the future like this for someone else is
pure hype. Be it about the product (‘you will lose
X lbs./you will feel like new’, etc) the potential
income, or how others will feel about it (‘You’ll
love it!’ ‘Your friends will love it!’)

Hype is easily recognizable to anyone with brains,
and even people with not so much grey matter.

First, be honest with yourself: how often does that
big income happen right away, or even ever, for
most people? If it's so easy, how come so many
people don't make it?

Good people don't fall for this nonsense. But guess who does? Yes. Sorry. It's those people who want something for nothing or next to nothing. Yahoo's Seth Godin calls them the "dreaded opportunity seekers…someone with more time than money, a nonconsumer who focuses on low-margin items and is a less than ideal prospect for most products." (Permission Marketing, P.108)

Is that who you want on your team? Well then, please stop asking for them.

The third worst thing you can say to a good prospect is:

3.  "Everyone will want this product/service."

While maybe true theoretically, this is what almost every network marketing company says about its services and product lines. In fact, it's what most every company out there say about their wares.

Picture this: New people going off, after the 'meeting' thinking that 'everyone' will want this, or that the stuff/service is for 'everyone.’ What happens when they go home and call a few people and hear the usual 'it's too expensive' and 'I can't believe you fell for that' types of responses?

Uh huh. They figure, either the people in the front were lying or, worse, ‘I'm not smart enough to do this, I guess. Better give the stuff back.’ And after the first few calls, it's over.

This doesn't mean the products or services COULD not be beneficial to the whole world. But does that mean that everyone WILL do the thing? Or will love it like you do?

You may believe in your heart of hearts that everyone SHOULD do ‘it’ (=whatever you’re selling that you believe in) or use it, or whatever, but doesn't McDonald's marketing team think the same thing? Or people who make Hondas?

They can't figure it out either. Why doesn't EVERYONE eat at McDonalds? Why doesn't EVERYONE drive a Honda? Or eat Snickers? Or buy Crest toothpaste? Or eat organically grown food? Or exercise when they know they should?

What’s wrong with all these people out there, anyway?

Smart marketing people are finally beginning to ‘target’ their potential users (‘target marketing’) so they direct their spiel at the ones for whom it’s the right thing to be using. (E.g. our products are for people who are ‘adventuresome’ or who ‘put family first,’ etc). A tiny fraction of the total people out there. But it works much better. They get the right ones AND those who wish they could be (or perceived to be) ‘adventuresome’ or ‘intelligent’.

In the network marketing world, the ‘right ones’ are people with some entrepreneurial flair and readiness to change.

2-10% of people out there, it is said, over and over, by those in the trenches. What fools everyone is this: nearly everybody we know SAYS they want more freedom, more income, more energy, residual income, more blah blah blah. But what percent of those same people are willing to make a change and do something about it?

A paltry 3-10%. There’s the rub. Everyone who’s ever lived a day in the life of a networker has experienced it.

So, could your ‘thing’ be helpful and beneficial to everyone? Maybe. Will everyone ‘see it’ or do it?

Complaining about a thing and doing something about that thing are well, not the same. There’s maybe 1 doer for every 20 complainers and wannabes. The rest are just venting, a very in thing these days. If in doubt, ask:

"Do you really want [THE BENEFIT] or are you just venting?"

And there’s your answer. Accept it, and act accordingly.

Venting is not a crime. I mean, doesn’t everyone just ‘vent’ once in a while? You just need to know that’s what they’re doing, that’s all. So ask.

P.S. In ‘THE BENEFIT’ blank, insert that extra income, more free time, residual income, your own money, more energy, tax savings, legal protection, an internet business, a new life or whatever they said ‘attracted’ them to the business in the first place.

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