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Blogging Done Right For Network Marketers
by Randy Disert

Blogging has really taken over the internet over the last decade. There are variety of reasons people blog. Business purposes has become very popular. The content placed on blogs varies based on the user. Some people blog for personal reasons while others utilize it for business purposes. It is important for a network marketer to have a blog and learn how to utilize it to help further his or her own business and generate more leads with it.

It is essential for any network marketer to establish their own blog. In today's internet age, when someone hears your name and especially when they hear your primary company attached to it, they will search for you to see what you are all about. Your internet identity is very important and you will want to make sure you have complete control over it. If you do not then if you ever offend someone they write something bad about you and it will naturally rank at the number one position in a Google search. By having control of your internet identity you can control what information is found about you on a search.

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Generating leads is another reason why a network marketer should be blogging. In order to become successful knowing how to market yourself on the internet is very crucial considering the number of people using the internet. It is possible to be able to interact with more people by your blog in one day than you could possible have an actual conversation with on the phone or in person. It is also important to have your own domain name, most likely your real name and add .com to it. Some varation of your name can be used should it already be taken. You will also need to host your own blog through wordpress. By doing this you will always own your blog and it will never be taken down or changed. You will not have any freedom in utilizing your blog effectively if you are dependent on someone else making sure it is running.

A blog can have many different types of content on it. You will need to figure out who your target market is first. Writing content of value for that target market is very important. Every two to three days you should make sure some type of content is being placed onto your blog. It does not need to be perfect. One extremely good post should be done on about a weekly basis. You should spend a decent amount of time working on this content. with many people on the internet.

Getting traffic to your website can be a little tricky unless you already know some Social networking is very popular in marketing on the internet. Some of these profile on each of those sites through automated syndication. Twitterfeed.com and Ping.fm are the best way to do this. These are free services that you can sign up for. Once this is done you can link your blog's RSS feed to twitterfeed, which is then linked to Ping.fm which will blast the link to all of your social networking site instantaneously. You post the blog and everything is updated right away.

Other ways to get traffic is through organic search rankings. To get to the top of a Google search page is easy once you know how. There are a variety of factors that Google uses in order to rank your website. Those factors include your keywords, meta title and meta description, as well as inbound and outbound links. Outbound links are those that you publish on your blog to other sites. This can hurt your search ranking. Incoming links are those links that out there on the internet referencing back to your blog. The more you have, the better results in a search for your keywords.

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About the Author:  Randy Disert is a network marketing expert that can teach you the secrets to Blogging for Network Marketers. Get a totally unique version of this article from our article submission service.

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Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?
Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?

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