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Are you the lucky owner of any beloved pets?

If so, and you live in the So. Minneapolis, Richfield, Bloomington, or Edina areas of Minnesota (or very near their borders in St. Louis Park, Hopkins, or Eden Prairie), then please check this out...

Does your dog need a mid-day potty/play break or to be walked or taken to the dog park? Evenings or weekends are also available on a weekly basis, as well as multiple daily visits for short terms while you are on vacation or traveling. 

Or, does your cat (or other small critter) need to be fed and have the litter box (or cage) cleaned plus some loving attention and play time while you are traveling or on vacation? I can visit once or twice daily, or once every other day, or whatever fits your needs. 

All the details about the services I offer and their rates plus my contact info and MANY references and client pet photos are available on my site at LKPetCare.com


A really fun little site devoted to celebrating that one and only "scariest' night of the year -- Halloween! 

Discover articles, party game ideas, recipes, and other fun stuff like jokes and VIDEOS.

PLUS, be sure to get your FREE EBOOK "Let's Celebrate Halloween" which is filled with even more Halloween recipes and party game ideas. (Please SHARE IT with your friends!)


Celebrating the Fun and Joy... Love and Laughter... Peace and Goodwill of
the Christmas Season!

Download a FREE EBOOK - 50 All-Time Favorite Christmas Songs - Lyrics to and interesting facts about the origins of 50 of the most popular Christmas carols and tunes. Be sure to SHARE IT with your friends. (In 2008, my sister had copies printed for her church music group... and they really enjoyed it!)

Also be sure to download your FREE printable PDF copy of the "Night Before Christmas" Left-Right Pass-Around Gift Exchange Game. ALSO, please feel free to SHARE IT with anyone else who would enjoy the game, too!


Mangosteen Fruit and Juice -- scientific research and info about the anti-inflamatory anti-oxidant power of Xanthone-rich mangosteen fruit.

Subscriptions to personalized, GENERIC (and ad-free) versions of this information site are also available. For more info, visit www.PersonalMangosteenSite.com

PLUS, be sure to get your FREE EBOOK "Natural Health Benefits of Xanthones from Mangosteen Fruit" which is an introduction to scientific research and info about the anti-inflamatory anti-oxidant power of Xanthone-rich mangosteen fruit. (Please be sure to SHARE IT with anyone you know who would benefit from the information it contains!)

NOTE:  Click Here for Additional Web Sites of Interest to Mangosteen
Product Distributors

How to use Lead Capture Pages (inexpensive, simple, effective 1-page web sites) for high quality, exclusive, real-time lead generation for network marketers, MLM'ers, direct sales businesses, Internet marketers, etc.

We call this idea a "Lead Capture Page" website because you "capture" the contact details of your prospects who are interested in visiting your company affiliate site, BEFORE you send them there.


Additional Sites of Mine:

Budget Travel

Direct Response Marketing

Solfeggio Scale Sound Frequency Meditations


Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?
Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?


Insightful Quote........
As you set a financial goal, it is not only about the expansion for yourself;
it's about the expansion of all of those who are involved in that which you
are about. In other words, it creates this nucleus, this machine, that allows
so many to begin to thrive along with you. It's much bigger than finances.
Abraham-Hicks Publications
Excerpted from a workshop in San Antonio, TX on Saturday, November 13th, 2004


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