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Why Do Healthy People Drink Mangosteen?
- Free Radicals & Antioxidants
- What Are Xanthones?
Which Brand of Mangosteen to Buy?
To Chiropractors & Health Professionals
Mangosteen Research Introduction by Dr. Templeman
Dr. Templeman's "FIRST LINE THERAPY"
Dr. Templeman's Newspaper Chart
Mangosteen Benefits Listed in Dr. Duke's Database
Mangosteen & Xanthones Research at
Mangosteen Research Abstracts
TIME Magazine Article on Inflammation
Mangosteen Research, Videos, & Articles
Mangosteen Documented Health Benefits
Improving Health Through Nutrition: No Quick Fix
Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in NYC Recognizes Mangosteen
Mangosteen, a Powerful Anti-Inflammatory
Mangosteen & Xanthones FAQ's
Health Evaluation Questionnaire & Mangosteen Daily Servings
Mangosteen Personal Testimonials
Health News
Mangosteen-Related ARTICLES....
- A Look at Xanthones and Mangosteen
- The Story Of Mangosteen Juice
- 9 Tips For Drinking Mangosteen Juice
- Fun Facts About the Mangosteen Fruit
- Are the Health Benefits of Mangosteen Juice Really True?
- Review of Mangosteen and Acai Supplements
- Mangosteen For Sinus Problems
- Mangosteen Benefits - What Makes the Fruit a Super Fruit
- All The Secrets You Haven't Been Told About Mangosteen Capsules
- Fibromyalgia and Mangosteens Potential Symptom Relief
- Discover Ways To Prevent Cancer

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Benefits of Mangosteen Fruit and Xanthones

Prized because of its exquisite flavor, the
(no relation to the Mango) is
called the "Queen of Fruits" in Asia
and the "Food of the Gods" in the
French Caribbean.

Scientific studies have revealed an incredible
scope of potent human health benefits
leading many to believe that Mangosteen
will be the most important fruit on earth.

Why Do Healthy People Drink Mangosteen?
Mangosteen is the most potent source of Xanthones on the planet.

Which Brand of Mangosteen to Buy?

Insist on the VERY BEST quality, whole fruit mangosteen juice.

To Chiropractors & Health Professionals
Who Have Prescribed Vioxx, Celebrex,
or Bextra

Xanthones are proven to provide natural relief via direct inhibition of COX-2 enzymes.

Mangosteen Research Introduction
by Dr. Templeman

"I am convinced that mangosteen will, without a doubt, be the most successful food supplement ever." 
J. Frederic Templeman, MD

Mangosteen Benefits Listed in Dr. Duke's Databases
List of documented health benefits from Dr. Duke's Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases : National Library of Medicine
See the EXPLOSION of independent, impartial,
3rd-party information!

Research Abstracts
Scientific research reports on Mangostin, Mangosteen, & Xanthones.

Time Magazine Article:  "The Secret Killer"
The surprising link between INFLAMMATION and Heart Attacks, Cancer, Alzheimer's, and other diseases and what you can do to fight it.

Mangosteen Documented Health Benefits
Some of the findings from independent 3rd-party scientific studies that have been done on the mangosteen fruit.

Mangosteen Information - Research/Articles/Reports

Mangosteen Research,
Videos, and Articles

Growing collection of reports, videos, articles, and resources regarding mangosteen, Xanthones, and their beneficial properties in relation to inflammation and disease.

Mangosteen: A Powerful Anti-Inflammatory
One of the most powerful natural antioxidants and also contains a host of other benefits that in some ways are even more exciting.

Mangosteen & Xanthones FAQ's
Frequently Asked Questions.

Health Evaluation Questionnaire
& How To Determine Your Mangosteen Juice Daily Servings

How to determine your Wellness Index Number and how much mangosteen juice you should drink
each day

Mangosteen Personal Testimonials
Personal stories about experiences with mangosteen.


Mangosteen Information

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