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My Business Partners


My Business Partners

The following business partners in my actual Team's upline geneology left or sold their positions in their former companies to join XanGo, forming what may be the greatest team line in history...

Ray Herron - 7 Figure Earner

Listen to a recent interview with Ray Herron... Here!

David and Colli Butler - 7 Figure Earners

David & Colli Butler were featured in Chapter 5 of "The Wave 3 Way To Build Your Down Line"

We've been marketing nutritional products for over 15 years. We've never seen so many health benefits coming from one bottle of GREAT TASTING juice. Our reorder rate is over 80% and were already attracting eager new distributors in all 50 states. We left another company where our largest monthly checks were much higher than most people make in an entire year. We saw the XanGo product and opportunity and we decided to start over again with XanGo. This product is MAGICAL. We've already replaced our previous income in just 6 months with XanGo!"

~ David & Colli Butler

Listen to a recent interview with David Butler... Here!

Listen to a recent interview with Colli Butler, Part 1 and Part 2 under Item 3... Here!

Sherman Unkefer - 7 Figure Earner

Please listen to Sherman explain all the factors that make XanGo THE PLACE TO BE NOW on his The Magic Wand presentation at 973-854-1206 (since this tool was issued in October 2003, XanGos growth has busted through every industry record ever set!).

Or, listen to it online at http://www.magicwandaudio.com/mw

User Name:  magic

Password:  goxango

Sherman Unkefer reports on his numbers after his first full year in XanGo, and compares the growth of his organization to being "Strapped to a Rocket"... Here!

Listen to another private interview with Sherman Unkefer... Here!

Bob Schmidt  - 7 Figure Earner

WHY did this multi-multi-million$$$ earner sell his distributorship in another company to come over to XanGo?

He'll tell you why -- plain and simple, just the FACTS -- at 618-355-1190
(about 17 min., available 24/7).

Or, listen to Bob Schmidt's "Housecall" Opportunity Call... Here!

Listen to another private interview with Bob Schmidt... Here!

Also, listen to another interview with Bob Schmidt giving an Industry Overview at World Talk Radio... Here!

Jim and Candy Webb - 7 Figure Earners

Jerry K. (wishes to remain private for now) - 7 Figure Earner

Jim Bartlett - Multiple 6 Figure Earner

Glenn Sparks - Multiple 6 Figure Earner

Listen to Glenn explain how he has missed the timing on opportunities before and what a difference it made to his check -- even though, by the standards of many, he had succeeded to a very nice extent... Here!

Jim Lewis - Multiple 6 Figure Earner...  Meet Jim

Atticus Killough - Multiple 6 Figure Earner... Meet Atticus Here!

Mark Weiser - Multiple 6 Figure Earner... Meet Mark Here!

Todd Falcone (of PrecisionMLM.com ) - Multiple 6 Figure Earner... ALSO Meet Todd Here!


JOIN ME in XanGo,
and ALL OF THE ABOVE are YOUR partners and
mentors, too!

Each one is available to me and to you, ready and willing to help us build our business!