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Put these terms into the Search box and SEE THE EXPLOSION of INFORMATION!!!

1)  mangosteen

2)  mangostin

3)  garcinone E

4)  xanthone  (singular

5)  xanthones  (plural)

NOW, just for an interesting contrast, put these terms into the Search box:

1)  noni -- Tahitian Noni Juice by the company Morinda was
                   the previous industry record holder, even though 
                   it has barely ANY science backing it up!

2)  aloe

3)  aloe vera

NOTE: Although 'aloe' and 'aloe vera' show a good number of reports, you will see that 'xanthones' has many more. Additionally, the opportunity is long-gone with aloe vera!

Even so, those who became involved at the beginning with Forever Living -- the network marketing company that brought aloe vera to the market 25 years ago -- became rich!

Today (2004), Forever Living is a a $1.77 billion company (see and still retains approximately 45% of ALL, world-wide aloe vera sales -- even though they did not set up the proper patents at the beginning. This is because they were "first to market" with aloe vera even though, back then, there was even less documented science behind it than Mangosteen already has today. 

We are NOT ONLY first to market with Mangosteen Juice, we have secured the most comprehensive PATENT available, and it's OURS for the next 20 YEARS!

Research:  MedLine

Medline is an online database/library/archive usually only available to medical professionals.




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