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23 April 2004 - Leonard & Anne Hall Newsletter


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23 April 2004 - Leonard & Anne Hall Newsletter
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Subject: Our first newsletter
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 16:44:09 -0700

From Leonard and Anne,

History is in the making!  This is our first newsletter:  If it seems long, just wait for the next one!

I will start out recommending a recorded message by Bob Schmidt available 24/7 at 618-355-1190.  It may be the best 17 minutes I have ever heard!  I send it out to everyone.  In fact, I have it on my business card!

Your success depends upon finding "connectors and searchers."  Connectors are centers of influence. Searchers are distributors who look for connectors. Where? Anywhere in the English speaking world and Japan,  Anne and I are searchers. However, we have already found two connectors - Jim and Candy Webb in Sacramento and brand new 1K Lisa Clark in Solana Beach, Ca. You don't have to be a connector to build a secure residual income in Xango. Just find one. As a result of enrolling our first connector, our 3rd month Xango commission equaled our Social Security checks.  Our April commissions are over $2,000. Because of our large group volume, we are looking at a $4,000 to $5,000 increase when we make our 20K. And just in case you have a prospect that says that is not very much, just say, "but it will never get smaller no matter what Anne and I do!

This is how I explain where the money comes from: There are two requirements for success in the Xango Compensation plan: (1) Group Volume and (2) Structure. Structure is how many 1Ks, 2K,s and 20Ks in your downline are personally registered by you. You could have the volume required for 5K, but not the structure. You could have the structure required for 5K, but not the volume. 

Our Xango business is a good example. I have more volume than I will ever need for the rest of my life.  But I am still working on our structure for 20K. We spend 90% of our time helping our downline register searchers and connectors.  How come, you say? Because my very first personally registered distributor, Jim and Candy Webb, reached 100K Premier in record time.  Dynamic Compression rolls their volume up to me. But my structure is still not in place. I need two more personals to reach 5K  before we can claim 20K.   When I reach 20K, my sponsor, Carolyn Johnson, will become a 50K Premier.

Our 2nd connecor, Lisa Clark, Solana Beach is on fire! Lisa and her first connector, John Bash,  each reached 1K the first two weeks!! Diane Nicastri, Huntington Beach, is not far behind. These two leaders are about to reach 5K. Both are key to our reaching 20K. Anne and I are pushing 20K by the end of the May deadline. This will qualify Carolyn Johnson, for a trip to Thailand in November with all the other Premiers and Xango Founders. Is this teamwork, or what!  We do not build in a vacumn. There is no "i" in the word team

Carolyn Johnson is another great testimony. She had tried two other companies and never made any money. Not only has she reached 20K within a year, but her son, Tommy, is close to 20K. Carolyns first 20K check tripled her 5K check!

Leaders keep their downline informed. Lisa Clark also keeps her upline informed. The following is from Lisa:

What is the compensation plan?   Go to www.xangocompplan.com.  Very well explained.  Call me with additional questions. 
If someone wants to buy retail, how do I sell just one bottle?  At www.xangocompplan.com there is a section on selling retail.  You can order just one bottle from Xango to be shipped directly to your prospect.  It will cost them $44.95 which will include shipping and handling.  The great thing is that Xango will handle all applicable sales tax.  Your personal volume (PV) will receive credit for both the $25 wholesale and the $6 retail profit collected by Xango. 
To order contact 1.877.GO-XANGO (877.469.2646).
Where do I find more research or medical information?  A great site is www.mangosteenmd.com.  Click on the Questions & Answers section.  It has information for specific health concerns and about xanthones.  You'll notice on the homepage that Dr. Templeman only recommends the Xango product even though other "knock-off" companies are using his research. We have the only formula patented in 97 countries.    KEEP IN MIND...your prospect cannot sign up from this website.  You'll need to send them to the corporate site at www.xango.net.  Be sure they know your Distributor ID # so they enroll under your sponsorship.  I've found it helpful to just do this step for them.  Most are more than willing to fill out the paperwork and then let you enroll them on-line (you can then fax the paperwork into Xango) OR talk them through it over the phone. 
What kind of sales literature is available?  You can find many sales tools at independent sites and on www.Xango.net (Xango Swag and Distributor Tools).  Keep in mind that due to FDA regulations for Dietary Supplements, the Xango company has to be careful about how they present health related information and products at the same time.  All supplement companies fall under these guidelines.  We must substitute the word Xango with the words Mangosteen Juice whenever giving our health testimonies.  Some helpful sites to order health related tools from are:  www.whatwouldyoudo.biz (Bob Schmidt) and www.mangosteentools.com.   The study sponsored by the USDA recommending high ORAC value (antioxidant) foods can be found at www.ars.usda.gov/is/AR/archive/feb99/aging0299.htm?pf=1.  This is really validating for people not sure of what antioxidants do.  There were some really strong findings regarding anti-aging and prevention of tissue damage. 
Hope all this information proves useful.  Well even though I could go all night reading about this GREAT product, I'll close...drink my dose of Xango (personally I take 2 oz/2x day) and call it a night.  God bless you all. 
P.S. My contractor doing the kitchen remodel is signing up tomorrow.  I've been giving him two shots a day since Thursday.  He said he can feel the difference in the inflammation on his knee (an injury) and his energy/stamina level.  He went from..."gee, I don't know if I can afford $100 per month" to "will 4 bottles a month be enough?"
. . . .     end of Lisa's newsletter
Anne and I are off to Austin in a few hours for 5 days. We will be in Orange and San Diego County beginning the 6th of May.  We will also be at my sister and brother-in-law's near Reno after the 15th of May.  Sister Dixie and Keith plan to be the first Premiers in Reno.   We don't count Bob Schmidt.  He's was Premier before moving there.(smile)  Look for specific dates in next newsletter. 
See soom of you in Las Vegas on the 14th and 15th of May
Leonard and Anne
Psssssssssst!  Want to be healthier and wealthier?  Could you be healthier and weathier?  You bet!