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[Note from Laurie:  Below is a HUGE gift from Keith, my upline in EzineBlaze! He is graciously allowing me to share it on this page to help my team mates, even in my other programs than EzineBlaze! He recognizes the value of relationships and their importance in internet marketing success. Thanks Keith!!!

By the way, members of the Blazing Prophets EzineBlaze Team are being offered free Pro memberships in other team members' safelists! One of the many benefits of belonging to our Blazing Prophets EzineBlaze team!]

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Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2003 15:16:39 -0600
From: "Newage Marketing Supreme Safelist" <>
Subject: Admin, Important Safelist Information!
Dear Members,

Newage Marketing Supreme Safelist is always looking for ways to add additional value to our safelist. Our last endeavor was to find FREE PRO safelists for our members.

Normally safelist are willing to offer free PRO memberships when their lists are just getting started to help build their list. Fortunately, some of the list being offered today are well established lists.

I made an attempt to receive member counts and additonal information to help you decide which lists to join at the request of one of our members, but I only receive limited information from some of the owners.

I initially received a bigger response than I had expected from Safelist owners willing to give away FREE PRO memberships to our members. I was not expecting such a large number of responses and had originally planned to deliver the list via email. However with over 100 safelists, I felt it better to create a web page.

Some of the lists have provided a link directly to the PRO member signup form. The others you will have to join and send an email to the admin to upgrade your account. Be sure to include your user id and tell them you are a Newage Marketing Supreme Safelist member.

If you encounter any problems in the process please let me know.


Keith Nelson
CEO Newage Marketing


It's A Jungle Out There
Free LIFETIME PRO for a limited time, Hurry!! Please note: (for these you need to sign up as a Free member and I'll Upgrade you)

Hey Dude! Safelist (auto-upgrade to Pro)
Free Pro to first 500 ... Not your ordinary safelist!


Maximize Profits
Free Pro 1st 500! Join free and send an email to the admin for the upgrade!

Free Pro 1st 500! Click On The Free Pro Link!


4 Corners Safelist
"Bringing in new members from the 4 corners of the internet."
FREE! Pro Upgrade When You Join 4 Corners Safelist! Join as a free member today and you will automatically be upgraded to Pro status! First 750 Will Be Upgraded! This safelist is brand new and owner has made a commitment to building it BIG! Make sure you join as Free member, you WILL be Upgraded very shortly.


Pinchers Place
First 100 get in FREE! Pros receive $1 per referral (after 100 members)


Cyber Orbit
Free Pro Safelists~Limited Time
New~Master Blaster~Free Pro Safelists~Limited Time


16 FREE Pro Safelists - No Catch

These are all FREE pro.
Some you join free then are manually upgraded.
Others you join as a PRO. See each for details.

Safelist #1 - Profit Explosion
(first 500 to validate will be upgraded - signup free - 285 members)

Safelist #2 - eBiz Spotlight
(limited availability - 700+ members and growing)

Safelist #3 - ePro Safelist
(server crashed January 1st - needs to rebuild membership)

Safelist #4 - [New] Bulldog Ad Blaster
(free pro upgrade to first 100)

Safelist #5 - [New] Blue Horizon Safelist
(free lifetime pro to first 200 - After 200 members, Pro Membership
will be $10.00/yr and the referring member will receive
$5.00 commission. Sign up NOW for automatic Pro Upgrade!)

Safelist #8 - Web Opps
(first 200 only - signup free - will upgrade)

Safelist #9 - The Post Office
(first 1000 - signup free - will upgrade)

Safelist #10 - The Last Outpost
(first 500 - signup free - will upgrade)

Safelist #12 - Kruise Kontrol
(first 500)

Safelist #13 - Executive Marketer
(first 200)

Safelist #15 - Market Storm
(first 100)

Safelist #16 - Traffic Storm
(first 100)



chi (Talking Turkey Safelist)
Join Free and I will upgrade you to Pro. After 300 members, we will have an affiliate program so you can earn some cash.


2K3 Safelist
The 1st 50 members will automatically be upgraded to pro members. I am offering $15 referals. The cost to join the list after the 1st 50 will be $20. I will be adding new items in the Freebies & Biz Opps area shortly.




First 750 free signups will be automatically upgraded to Pro status.


ELIXER Safelist is in Pre-launch! Very Unique !!
Still Free to join..An Amazing setup and Referrals start now!
When This becomes paid your Referrals are always your Referrals!
Referral Payment Plan Based on the 'infamous' Letter!


These are all Free Pro to the next 250 members!

Megamailer Supreme
Free Pro to the first 250 members, get $100 worth of Free Ebooks,
a Safelist Organizer and Free Safelist Script to start your own safelist!

Megamailer II
Free Pro to first 250 members!