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Feel Better Faster with Energy
Healing Techniques

Mandala 2 (c) Laurie Kristensen
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Increase Your Energy - Increase Your WEALTH -- Reduce Your Pain -- and Free Yourself of the "Old Chains" That Bind You From Living the Life You Want and Deserve -- Easily & Rapidly!
- TAT (Tappas Accupressure Technique)
- EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

- and More!

Success Resources for Business & Life

These powerful (yet profound and gentle) tools -- based on your body's energy systems and/or the power that is locked up within your subconsious mind -- can easily be studied and used with amazing results by yourself alone!
These techniques are well worth investigating with an open mind for their amazing ability to bring rapid relief from all kinds of emotional blocks and physical symptoms that are often aggravated by underlying emotional causes.
Sometimes, the synergy of two working together, or several in a group together, moves blocked vital life energy even MORE efficiently! See the info on Carol Tuttle (below) for ONLINE coaching via video webcasts, too!
They truly CAN make you feel better and help you create increased health, well-being, and wealth!

TAT (Tapas Accupressure Technique)

TAT allows your natural healing energy to gently and powerfully heal stress, traumas, and negative beliefs without re-living anything. The trouble dissolves, and you are left in a state of greater energy, personal empowerment and inner peace.
It also re-balances your body in relation to substances that cause allergy-like reactions or sensitivities without needles, and without the need for muscle testing, and in most cases without the need to avoid the substance after treatment for any length of time.

Tapas Fleming's book:

You Can Heal Now: The Tapas Acupressure Techniques

TAT - Unstress for Success Website -- Tons of great information, including online video presentations of how to do TAT for many different problems/issues.

There are a couple of FREE specific TAT video sessions offered, and many others are available for a very reasonable fee. You can purchase 1-day, 30-day, or 90-day memberships.

Click Below for the TAT Updated Protocol (July 2005)

Click Here to download TAT Updated Protocol as an MS Word document

Click Here to download TAT Updated Protocol as a PDF document

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Gary Craig's website -- EmoFree.com

EFT is a meridian-based energy therapy developed by Gary Craig from the landmark discoveries of Dr. Roger Callahan.

It is a simple technique that -- like ALL the Power Therapies -- often provides rapid relief from physical-emotional issues (e.g., trauma, post traumatic stress disorder [PTSD], all kinds of phobias like fear of pubic speaking, flying, heights, claustrophobia, etc., grief, anger, guilt, anxiety, addictive cravings, nightmares, abandonment, love pain, depression, pain, headaches and much more).

Gary Craig has made it his mission to get this information out for free, or at the very lowest cost possible for his training.

"EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques - The Manual" -- free ebook INSTANT Download (PDF format), By Gary Craig

Visit the EFT web site for a rich source of information!

Also available: 

Quality EFT DVD Training

Carol Tuttle -- Master Energy Therapist (EFT)

The Carol Tuttle ONLINE Energy Healing Learning Center...

Click Here

Invitation from Carol:

What if you took just 30 minutes a day to clear your negative thoughts and emotions? What do you think your life would look like in 6 months? In 12 months? In a few years?

What if you could have your own Energy Therapist  any day of the week, anytime of the day, in the privacy of your own home!

What if this Energy Therapist knew your issues so well, every time you did a session you would clear all the stuff holding you back and blocking you success and all you would have to do is follow-up on all the amazing opportunities you were attracting into your life?

This is all available to you RIGHT NOW. We have a Membership price that fits everyone's budget.

Click Here and THEN
click on the link
for "Healing Center"

Register now so you participate in the monthly Telecoaching call where you will receive my personal guidance to get the best results in using the website.

There are clearings and audios for the most annoying and timely issues of your life. Members are reporting the most remarkable results, as good as any clients I have worked with in person.

Here are just a FEW of the many testimonials we have received from our growing membership of hundreds of more than satisfied members:

Hi Carol!
I am enjoying the website immensely and have started on several clearing sessions (money, body issues, food cravings). Additionally, I have received your whole Kit and Kaboodle today. thanks for all you are doing - Love, Jenny

Wow! Thanks for all your hard work and expense to get this going. It should be in every home along with your book and tapes just to remind us that we are ok even when we don't think so. Thanks again. Carol

AMAZING!  I just finished going through your website -- it is incredible -- I am sooooooo impressed.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with me. I know you sent it out to hundreds, but it felt like it had been personally prepared for me.  I was able to clear my depression and I am feeling better than ever. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Love Ya, Carol

I want to help you right now. Give yourself the gift of this amazing help so you can create the life you want.

God Bless You,
Carol Tuttle, Master Energy Therapist, Author, Speaker

Rebecca Marina's "Celebration Healing"

Rebecca Marina is only one of many gifted EFT/energy technique practitioners.
Rebecca has quite a few free audio samples on her website that may be very helpful --
 check Her "Free Stuff" page.
For proof that these types of techniques really do make a difference, also check out the DVD she produced about her work with EFT and live blood cells. There are some sample photos that are startling and enlightening!

Recommended Resources:           .

Sylvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann is one of the most reknowned experts on EFT and an engaging teacher with a user-friendly style. Her best-selling ebook "Adventures in EFT" is truly an essential advanced manual to increase your ability to understand and use EFT successfully!
123EFT.com, another FREE excellent and brief online introduction to EFT by Sylvia Hartman.

Here is an excellent 
FREE article (also by Sylvia Hartmann) on the tapping process itself, and the value of trying variations in rhythm and pulse, or even touching/holding/rubbing the points instead of actually tapping.

Several Types of Techniques in
One Resource:

The AMT (Association For Meridian & Energy
Therapies Online Information Centre)

The AMT is a FANTASTIC site for information on this whole world of meridian/energy healing methods!
Article (PDF download format) written by one of the leading experts in this field, gives a GREAT introductory explanation of energy psychology including real-life case histories as examples of only a few of the types of results that are achievable with these methods!

Sylvia Hartmann

Silvia Silvia Hartmann's acclaimed, best-selling training and information on a variety of energy psychology and alternative healing methods besides EFT. Sylvia is an EXCELLENT and innovative teacher!
Plus, Sylvia also offers several very intriquing online courses through
The Sidereus Foundation -- including Meridian and Energy Therapies Certification Training, The Story Teller, AND Energy Healing for ANIMALS!

eTox - Sandi Radomski's Allergy
Antidotes [TM]

A modality called eTox -- also good for the elimination of allergies and substance sensitivities/energy toxins. Visit Sandi's new website,
Allergy Antidotes.

Click Here for several articles and Sandi Radomski's manual.

* Special Note: Sandi has been accomplishing some major breakthroughs with autistic kids -- she is finding that they often suffered from multiple ear infections when babies/toddlers, and also that there may have been complications when they received immunizations at the same time as having an ear infection (or may have had an undiagnosed infection)....

I am paraphrasing what I've heard, but this is exciting news! Contact Sandi through the links above for more information.


Bestselling Self-Help Hypnosis DVDs

Bestselling Self-Help Hypnosis Audio CDs

More Great Energy Therapy Websites! 

Missing Mother.com - Emotional and Spiritual Healing for Women with "Missing Mother Syndrome"

Thriving Now - Transforming Pain Into Optimal Health[TM]

Email Forums & Discussion Lists About
Energy Transformation Techniques

If you want more info/support once you begin your studies, below are links to several email lists about meridian/energy therapies.

It's also helpful to go into the archives of the past messages from the beginning, in the Yahoo Groups. I've learned a lot from reading how these real lay-people and practitioners alike are using it and the problems and solutions they have discovered: 

For EFT and meridian therapy/energy psychology newbies:

Another good list, with a more professional focus and moderated, but a newbie can still learn alot:

All posts on the following list are sent by Gary Craig, including reports on the latest developments in EFT by top experts in the field:

An international forum for discussion, by newcomers and practitioners alike, to discuss EFT as well as other related energy psychology therapies:

EFT can even be used for animals (you use proxy/surrogate tapping -- that is, you usually don't tap on the animal, but on yourself on behalf of the animal)!

Energy healing for animals ... for dogs, cats, horses, and of course, all animals including wildlife, feral animals, zoo animals and in the end, even our own species:


Success Resources for Business & Life

Quantum Selling Secrets

Success Resources for Business & Life


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