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about  the research.

on the health benefits of Mangosteen and Xanthones!

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NOTE: The actual site is TOTALLY GENERIC
and mentions NO specific brands.
The site ALSO includes a TRANSLATION button so that the
text content can be read in MULTIPLE LANGUAGES!
ALSO NOTE that the site contains almost 50 VIDEOS! 

The personalized version of the site is a TOTALLY GENERIC web site
about Mangosteen.
NO ADS are included and NO specific brands, products, or companies
are mentioned, whatsoever, anywhere on your personalized site!
GREAT for prospects who do not initially have an interest in a business
related to a Mangosteen product...
Prospects may learn how to do research at PubMed.com and read articles
and reports about the benefits of mangosteen. 
ALSO GREAT as a supplemental resource to give to prospects who ARE
interested in a home-based business.
Adds CREDIBILITY to the information because it does NOT promote 
ANY specific companies/products/brands.
You can LINK TO any other brand-specific sites of your choice, below
your Contact Details...
see the Sample site
Scroll down on the Sample site to see the Contact Details area where
your name, phone, and email (plus your photo, optional) will be displayed,
along with links to your brand-specific site. (Links are also optional, and
can be removed if you don't use a brand-specific site, or edited in various
ways -- just ask!)


This is a REALLY great deal! Cost. Personalized service. Extensive info provided. AND you get to work with one savvy lady! ~ Rita Silic
This page has worked well for me for years and this is Top Notch for serious Product oriented Marketers. ~ Chuck Bartok



Laurie Kristensen

I am MORE than HAPPY to take as much time may be needed to ASSIST anyone over the phone who feels overwhelmed or confused by the below information!
If you do call me (or leave a voice message), please immediately mention that you are calling about the Mangosteen web sites, and that will help me know how to assist you right away!

~ Laurie Kristensen
- 952-814-7296



Laurie is hard working and creative, not to mention a real "angel"! It isn't often one gets to work with someone as genuine and caring as Laurie! ~ Angela Light
Laurie does excellent work and offers personal customer service when needed. Always responds to e-mails and has created some excellent websites full of interesting facts and information for our company. ~ Norma Rose Eckblad


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Mangosteen Fruit Personalized, Generic Info Site

AGAIN NOTE that your personalized web site will contain NO ads, and
NO links to any other individual distributors' web sites of any kind (other
than your own, below your contact information).
This is designed to be a PURELY informational web site about Mangosteen
and its beneficial health properties -- WITHOUT mentioning or linking to any
specific company.
This is considered to be a THIRD-PARTY TOOL -- a totally generic site
about Mangosteen research and information.


$49.00 per year
Including Everything Listed Below!

That Works Out to Equal O-N-L-Y $4.83/month!

INCLUDED with All Sites....

Web Site 
Web Site Hosting
Customization with YOUR Contact Info / Links / 'Tweaks'

BONUS #1 ***

FREE .COM Domain Name Included
Value $14.99/year!
I will purchase a domain name for YOUR mangosteen site, and
set it up to forward to your site FOR you...
Instructions for You:
Simply pick out the available domain name you want at
www.GoDaddy.com by using the search box on the front
page and then include it in the form, BELOW, in Step B
Just call me if you need ANY assistance or with
questions --  Laurie Kristensen at 952-814-7296
NOTE 1:   I will renew the domain each year as long as your site
subscription stays Active.
NOTE 2:   The yearly price for everything is also locked in as long as
your yearly automatically renewing subscription is ACTIVE.

*** BONUS #2 ***
FREE Personalized Mangosteen Info Viral EBOOK

Value $14.97

Sold on this Site - Click Here

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You can use it as a give-away offer to email as an attachment to prospects you talk with, plus it will be included ON your site for visitors.

Unlike brochures or CDs, DVDs, etc., once you own your ebook, you can give it away an INFINITE number of times at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

The ebook will ALSO contain a link back to your mangosteen info site, so you might want to use it in other marketing promotions to drive traffic back TO your site:

- Offer your FREE EBOOK in all your advertisting

- Submit it to online directories of free ebooks and web masters may add it to their sites.

- Offer it as a gift on Facebook and/or all your social networks

Plus, people who get your ebook might forward it to others, who might also click the link to visit YOUR site... known as *VIRAL Marketing*!

BONUS #3 ***
Announcement on My Facebook Wall

I will announce your new lead capture page or web site on my Facebook wall, where I have over 3,000 Friends/Followers (and growing).

BONUS #4 ***

I will submit your web site to The BIGGEST Internet
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Google and BING
Once your site is "indexed" by a specific search engine (which can take several
weeks), a person will be able to get to your site by typing in your site URL
in that search engine because it will come up in the search results.
(If they see your site from a print ad or you give it over the phone, when they
go to visit your site, some people may not realize that they should, instead,
type it directly into the Address Bar of their browser and hit the "Enter" key
to go directly to your site. If your site is not "indexed" by the search engine,
it will not appear in the search results for them to click on.)

Follow the instructions below in A. and B.

Recap of What You Get:

   • Multi-Page Web Site including Articles, Research (with a translation button
      on each page that allows the text content to be read in multiple languages), 
      and Other Resources
   • A total of 46 Videos on Your Site
Web Site Hosting for 1 Year
   • Home Page Customization with Contact Info / Links / 'Tweaks' and 
       Optional Personal Photo
   • .com Domain Name, a $14.99/year Value (with the domain forwarding all
      set up FOR you)
   • Free Mangosteen Information Ebook Customized with YOUR Link (can   
      be used in many ways as a "viral" marketing tool)
   • Announcement of your new site on my Facebook Wall

   • Free Submission of Your Site to the Big 3 Search Engines (for faster 
      indexing of your site)



How To Order Your Site:
Follow the Below Instructions in A. and B.


A. SUBSCRIBE To Your Site:

Click on the Subscribe icon:

<== CLICK HERE to Pay for Your Yearly Subscription
          ($49.00 recurring, including ALL bonuses as described above)

To change your subscription settings, click here.

NOTE:  This works even if you do not currently have a PayPal account.

- IF you DO already have a PayPal account, you can simply select "I already
have a PayPal account." to login and proceed to purchase your subscription.
- If you do NOT have a PayPal account yet, be sure that you select "I need to
create a PayPal account (where available)."
Proceed to register and enter your credit card information, billing address,
contact information with your email address and phone number -- it should also
ask you to create a password (WRITE IT DOWN for your records and KEEP IT in
a SAFE PLACE where you can FIND IT LATER), and then you'll pay for your
yearly recurring subscription... the PayPal site is SECURELY ENCRYPTED for
safe transactions.

YOU must provide the BELOW information in STEP B by either filling out
the form or calling me, because UNLESS you provide me with your contact
information (ESPECIALLY your PHONE #) I CANNOT set up your site.

ALSO NOTE:  I create each individual site myself. This is not like the 
big, automatically replicated web site systems out there.
I also provide
personal assistance to all who need it.

B. Send Me Required Order Info:  

EITHER >>> Fill out the form, BELOW....

OR >>> Give me a call at 952-814-7296 if you have any trouble with the form,
or if you have any questions or concerns!

(The best times to reach me are between 11 am up until 9 or 10 pm Central time.)

NOTE:  When I answer, please immediately introduce yourself and mention
that you're setting up a Mangosteen web site.

If you get my voice mail, please be sure to speak loudly and clearly and
give your phone number(s) and your name, and mention that you have
sent a payment for a Mangosteen web site and are calling to give me your
information... I'll get back to you just as soon as possible!

ALSO NOTE:  If you are OVERSEAS, PLEASE call me --  or email me
at LuckyLuckyLK@gmail.com -- rather than asking me to call you! Thanks!

>>> Fill Out This Required Information Form:

Again, if you feel confused by this form, please give me a call at 952-814-7296
and I'll be happy to take your info directly over the phone. My TOP priority is
to make this E-A-S-Y for you!

Please type YES or NO: Have you completed PAYMENT for your subscription in Section A (above)? Note that I cannot set up your site UNTIL payment has been received.
(For My Records) Your First AND Last Name.
(For My Records) Your Main Email Address.
(For My Records) Your Additional Email Address. (Note: I have EXTREME difficulty getting emails through to AOL users, so please provide another email IF AT ALL possible.)
(For My Records) Your Main Phone #
(For My Records) Your 2nd Phone if you have one, in case I can't reach you with any questions that I might have.
Type your name as you want it displayed on your site. (Optional, you can include a spouse or partner's name, or use or include a business name, etc.)
Type the phone number(s) that you want displayed on your site. Examples: Home or Office, Toll-Free, Cell or Mobile. Separate multiple phone #'s with / (slash).
Type the email address that you want displayed on your site.
* Please type YES or NO: Do you want to use a Personal Photo in place of the second mangosteen photo toward the bottom on the home page of your site? (See notes about Optional Personal Photos, BELOW.)
** Type the Email Address where you want the emails sent when someone fills out the Information Form on your site. (See notes about the Information Form, BELOW.)
Type the Domain Name you will use. (It must be available, and I will purchase and set it up to forward to your site FOR you. Note, if you already own a domain name you want to use, there is no discount. I will provide you with the URL of your site so you can set up the forwarding/masking with your domain company. IF you bought it at GoDaddy.com and need help, I can assist you.)
OPTIONAL: If you want to include the links to a Brand-Specific site link below your contact into, type your full URL, and I will find the specific product pages within your site to create the links.
OPTIONAL for Advanced Marketers... Please type YES or NO: Do you want to use your own autoresponder (only if you use one currently)? If YES, call or email me for further instructions after completing your order. (Or, go ahead and generate an opt-in box in your autoresponder's back office, then copy/paste the resulting code to me in an email at LuckyLuckyLK@gmail.com)
How did you find this web site... Referral (name)? Search engine? Other Web Site? Other?
Any Other Comments or Questions? You can use this space to include the info for any extra links you would like added below your contact info -- or, just call me with the extra info at 952-814-7296, or email it to me at LuckyLuckyLK@gmail.com

* NOTES about the OPTIONAL Personal Photo:
If you have a photo that is already in digital format (either taken with a
digital camera or scanned), please attach it to an email to send to me
LuckyLuckyLK@gmail.com (If it needs cropping/resizing, I can do that.)

**NOTES about the Information Form On Your Site:

(This applies for the normal form I create, not if you are an Advanced Marketer who has
provided me with the code for an Autoresponder.)
When a site visitor fills out the fields in the form and clicks the "Submit"
you will receive an email with their answers. (The email will say
it is from "Tripod Mailer")....
Then you can call your prospect, and/or send them emails.

AFTER I Set Up Your Site, Watch for an EMAIL from ME with Important Info for your records and instructions on testing the info form on your site...

(Remember to check your JUNK or SPAM folders for my email, too.)

My email will provide you with the actual URL of your new site for your records and confirm your domain name that is forwarding to that URL.

If you need help with any part of the above info, I can definitely
assist you -- and I'm VERY happy to do so!

~ Laurie Kristensen
Phone 952-814-7296 -- Email LuckyLuckyLK@gmail.com


RECORD your anniversary date so that you'll be aware 
of when you will be charged again in ONE YEAR. *

The system does not send you any email reminders, it's
your responsibility to remember the renewal date.

(NO Refunds If You Forget To Cancel Your Subscription In Time.)

* If you want to cancel your site before it renews in one year,
you can either login to your own PayPal account and do it
from there (use the search in your PayPal back office to
find the subscription transaction on the date you created it)... 

Or, just email or call me, and I'll be happy
to cancel it from my side!

Laurie Kristensen at 952-814-7296

NOTE:  Be sure to leave a detailed message if you get
voice mail. I actually do not have Caller ID!



Be sure to check your BULK or JUNK/SPAM email folders for any emails
from me.
It also helps to add me to your email "white list" or "safe
list"... or (especially for Yahoo email) add my email address to
your CONTACTS or address book --> ADD:

ALSO, IF you simply order your site by subscribing through the PayPal button (in Section A., above) and you do not ALSO fill out the appropriate form (in Section B., ABOVE), or CALL ME with the specific info for YOUR site, I will not be able to set up your site....

AND, if my emails to you BOUNCE or you do not check your Bulk/Spam email folders for my emails, I simply cannot reach you.

TIP:  NEVER just delete all contents in your bulk/junk/spam
email folder without glancing through the FROM and Subject
otherwise you will most likely delete emails from people you
actually DO want which were accidentally filtered in among all the spam.



Resources That I Recommend:



Webmaster:  Laurie Kristensen

NOTE: This web site is for educational purposes and does not endorse or
promote any specific commercial product or company. It is merely a web
site sharing resources and info about mangosteen fruit and Xanthones.
Mangosteen is a fruit. The xanthones from the mangosteen have been
shown in laboratory studies to be powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatories,
and to have other special properties. However, laboratory results do not
guarantee the same will happen in the human body. Mangosteen is
a supplement and not a drug; therefore, no one can say the mangosteen
will cure, treat, or prevent any specific condition or symptom. The United
States government, however, has determined and stated: increasing
the amount of plant-based foods and supplements in our diet improves our
health and decreases the incidence of chronic disease. Nothing on this site
is meant to guarantee or imply you will receive any benefit from the
consumption of mangosteen. Look at the available science on the mangosteen
and then answer for yourself...Does mangosteen make sense for you?
If you have a health challenge, be sure to always discuss it with a trained
medical practitioner.


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