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Links to Blogging Information & Resources

Blog Basics:

Blogging For Beginners -- Lots of great, basic information about this new Internet phenomenon... the Blog! 

Blogging for Business -- Not long ago a blog was simply an online diary . . . Since then, blogging made the transition into the business arena.

Blogging Glossary -- Definitions of blogging terminology or slang.

"How Do You Put Keywords in Your Blog?" -- Powerful short tips given by Trina L.C. Schiller in a discusson group on

There are a great many things you can do to add keywords to your blog. First, you should focus on a couple of keywords per entry. Overloading any post with a bunch of keywords is actually counterproductive.

Use your top keyword in the title and first sentance. Then try to maintain consistency withyour keywords through the item, by placing them in every paragraph, if possible.

Another way to get search engines to pick up on your keywords is to bold them where you use them. Use a < b > tag, not a < strong > tag. Bots prefer the b to the strong for some reason.

Use keywords in your alt tags for images as well.

Finally, you can list your keywords at the end of your post, like this:

Keywords: internet marketing, online advertising, internet adverting...

Blog Tools/Resources:

Blog Lightning - A Step-By-Step Blogging Success Tutorial -- 14 screencast video tutorials allow you to watch award-winning small business blogger and marketing coach John Jantsch create a blog using the exact steps outlined in Blog Lightning.

Free Feed Reader -- Feedreader is a lightweight open-source aggregator that supports RSS and ATOM formats. It works under Windows 95 and later versions.

Feed Burner -- Enhancements for your Blog, such as automatically converting it to be compatible with multiple types of "readers."

Feed Shark -- Makes it easy to submit your blog to at least 21 sites. 

Pingoat -- Use this every time you post an entry to your blog to notify the search engine spiders.

RSS -- A Primer for Publishers & Content Providers 

RSSTop55 - Best Blog Directory And RSS Submission Sites -- OVER 100 places to submit your RSS feeds and weblog URLs to get more exposure, visibility and reach.

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Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, MLM  & Sales


Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?
Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?

Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, MLM  & Sales

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