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24 June 2003
We've had such good RESULTS with Team Dialing that we are taking it a step or two further. Step further: We will meet together TWICE a week for team dialing!

Step two further <grin> -- we will invite our prospects to call in on the same line we are on (above) at the top of the hour! We will then all listen to the presentation call together. After which, I, Lin Ennis, will close each and every prospect you bring to the call! On my honor!

What YOU can do to support everyone's sponsoring efforts is to be on each call, whether or not you have prospects. After all, I'll be there to close yours for you, even when I don't have any of my own on the line! Will you be there for me?

Since you'll be on the phone, be prepared to interact according to my lead. I will ask questions. Keep your answers upbeat and short! When we need more talking, I will ask for it.

The main thing is to show the liveliness, love and support we ALWAYS SHOW one another on each and every call. This is our USP -- Unique Selling Position -- what we have to offer that makes our team stand out.

This is a TWO HOUR format! Two hours twice a week, besides our Monday night planning and Synergy call.

We'll use the same conference call number these Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5 PDT, 8 EDT, to call our prospects, invite them to the Prosperity call, then CLOSE THEM afterwards -- a total of two hours of work each day.

It is very important that we have the energy of each member supporting these calls. Some days, your prospects will need closing. Other days, your smiling voice will help close someone else's.

Got it?

If not, please ask at the beginning of tonight's call!

If you work with us these 5.5 hrs a week, plus another 6 of your own doing the same thing, you WILL MAKE MONEY in LifeForce!!!!! Guaranteed!!!
Brightest successes,


Lin Ennis
928 282-1808

PS: I guarantee you, if you are smiling and dialing, or on our three team calls listed above, for a total of 11.5 hours a week, you WILL MAKE MONEY in LifeForce. If you prefer to work full-time, that's ok, too, and will simply result in a larger check sooner.

PPS: Are you a person of your word, or were you shoveling fertilizer <grin> when you said you wanted to EARN (not "win") money online? We'll cheer for you -- be on each call!!!