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1...Driving Traffic / Advertising
2...Follow Up
4...Important Information
5...Personal Growth / Abundance / Inspiration

The information below is designed to support those who choose TrafficOasis as a lead source.

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The biggest advantage of TrafficOasis leads (compared to leads from other leads companies) is that you are the only customer within TrafficOasis who will be sold a particular lead at any time -- they are, therefore, EXCLUSIVE leads.

TrafficOasis provides many other essential services, including 3 high-quality autoresponders, and other advanced tools that will help to build your business, such as a lead capture page linked to a webpage that shows a flash movie to prospects explaining referral marketing, and a training ebook on network marketing that is one of the very best.

These leads will pay for themselves in bringing high-quality prospects to look at your QuickPros business and who are much more responsive than leads purchased from other companies...

As you build your QuickPros/Life Force business and refer your personally enrolled downline Members to TrafficOasis, too -- eventually you'll get your leads free.

And next, as you refer more and more QP/LFI downline to TrafficOasis, and then THEY also refer THEIR personally enrolled downline, you'll build a second passive/residual income with no extra work!

These leads take up to 30 days to be generated fresh for you... so sign up right away!

By the time you get your leads, you should be ready to learn how to use them effectively.

You'll become a free affiliate first (to take the "Free Tour"), and then log into your free affiliate site to Upgrade.

----> 1a) Take the TrafficOasis "Free Tour"

Become prepared for the LIVE Training Call by taking the free tour/test-drive -- [CLICK HERE*]

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----> 1b) Attend the LIVE TrafficOasis 
                  Opportunity Call

Learn why TrafficOasis became the #1 Lead company in the MLM industry in 5 weeks, and precisely why TrafficOasis is helping people succeed in Network Marketing, many for the very first time!

512-225-3145,  PIN 60663-#  (both days)


 8 pm Eastern
 7 pm Central
 6 pm Mountain
 5 pm Pacific


 3 pm Eastern
 2 pm Central
 1 pm Mountain
12 pm Pacific

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----> EXTRA #1
You can also listen to the Recorded TrafficOasis Opportunity Call from this web page:  CLICK HERE

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You can listen to the special one-time-only Recorded presentation of the TrafficOasis Compensation Plan Call from this web page: 


Plug Into TrafficOasis Team Support Resources


2a)  Traffic Oasis Magic Yahoo Group


This group is set up specifically for our TrafficOasis Team for the purpose of sharing tips and strategies for growing each of our individual Primary Companies, using our Traffic Oasis membership...

ALSO, one of our upline team Members (Julieanne van Zyl) conducts regular tech support calls to assist with setting up the TrafficOasis autoresponders with prospecting email series, and learning how to upload your leads! You'll want to UTILIZE that gift!

----> Send a blank email to:  

Home Page:

After you have subscribed to the group, visit the Home Page (above) to browse the Message archives, plus the Links and Files sections for more resources, including instructions on setting up and developing your own Newsletter using our Team Newsletter Template, AND written instructions on uploading your TrafficOasis leads into the autoresponders! 


2b)  TrafficOasis Team NEWSLETTER

News, Updates, and Tips from Chris Tinney and Sid Zagri.

----> Send a blank email to:

Home Page:

2c)  TrafficOasis Team Training & Call Schedule

----> Visit this website:



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Free LIVE Training Call to learn how to make the most of your TrafficOasis Membership and Exclusive Leads:

How to Make a Fortune in Your Primary MLM with Self-Liquidating Lead Generation

----> Stop wasting time & money!

Learn the secrets of "Self Liquidating Lead Generation" and watch your primary Network Marketing business explode. Learn the secrets of the so-called heavy hitters!

You can use this information to help you make more of the leads you purchase from many other leads companies...

To educate yourself on the leads industry AND make the most of this training, sign up for a Free Test Drive of TrafficOasis and learn more about the UNIQUE advantages of their leads.

eads generated through their systems and purchased by YOU are NEVER sold to anyone else (by them)!

Dial 1-512-225-3145,  PIN 60663-#


9 pm Eastern
8 pm Central
7 pm Mountain
6 pm Pacific

For other areas of the world, convert the time into your own time zone: CLICK HERE

----> EXTRA
You can also listen to the Recorded Traffic Oasis conference call How to Make a Fortune with your Primary Business from this web page:  CLICK HERE


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