***PRODUCT*** Questions & Comments and How To ADD Your Own New PE

How to Search THE GROUP for Specificic Types of PEs
How to Search GOOGLE.COM for Specificic Types of PEs
***PRODUCT*** Questions & Comments and How To ADD Your Own New PE

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WHERE to Send All PRODUCT Questions & Comments
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How To ADD Your Own New Personal Experience (PE):

For questions on a specific PE, EITHER write back to the same person who wrote it -- OR (if the author’s contact details are not included) send your questions and/or your own new PEs to the entirely separate Yahoo Group called Mangosteen Yahoo Group:

If you are not a member yet, GO TO:

Click "Join this Group" (right side, toward top), and follow the instructions until the process is TOTALLY complete and you get back to the above home page.

Then EITHER “Post” your message from THAT group (the link is in the left column at the Group's home page, and you must be signed in with your Yahoo ID that you used to Join the Group for it to be clickable for you to post)...

OR send your emails to:  mangosteen@yahoogroups.com 


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