How to Search THE GROUP for Specificic Types of PEs

How to Search THE GROUP for Specificic Types of PEs
How to Search GOOGLE.COM for Specificic Types of PEs
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How To SEARCH for

Specific Types of Personal Experiences (PEs):


1)  At, click “Messages” (in the left column).

THEN, you have 2 choices...

2a)  You can either use the "Previous" and "Next" links to browse through the entire Messages archive, and visually scan/read the subject lines of all the emails for what you are specifically looking for.


2b)  You can type a word or phrase describing specific health conditions in the "Search" box and then click the "Search" button (or just hit your "Enter" key)....

It will pull up a list of links to emails that mention the word or phrase (just scroll a tiny bit below the SPONSOR RESULTS area).

Also, if the "Next" link is active (if there are more than 10 results), click it for links to more emails on other pages; then, use the "Previous" link to get back to earlier pages.

NOTE:  You can search this same way for anything -- health conditions, a person's name, a phrase from a specific email you're trying to find the original post of, etc.

3)  Whichever method you use, to read each individual email, click on each individual blue subject line link.

4)  When finished reading an individual email, click the “Back” button in your browser to get back to the original list of links.


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